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The one that came out of the blue

I forgot to mention yesterday that the third copy of Hockey Club has now been assigned to blackhope (this is the last week of his mission!), so that means we'll be paying if pudges and heero2020 ever get around to claiming the manga we promised them. But we did promise, so of course we'll be footing the bill this time.

Aaaanyway, just for the heck of it, here's more of our commemorative multi-part series!

St. Lunatic High School

Our first encounter went something like this:
"Oh! Here's a package from UPS (or was it FedEx? we're pretty sure it was UPS)! The Hiyokoya books are finally here!" We start taking books out of the package. "Here's Hiyokoya 1, 2, 3... this isn't Hiyokoya..."

We were afraid it had been sent to us by mistake, but it looked awful cute, and we were struggling so bad for work that we really hoped it wasn't. Later we got a work order for it, so it was all good. Athena also remembers that apparently we have the Asuka magazine that has the first chapter of it, and says she thinks she even pulled it out and looked at it, but I have no memory of those events. Doesn't mean they didn't happen, of course.

This series was scary in that it was eerily close to home. The main character is a girl who's so poor she and her brother were constantly running away from apartments in the night because they couldn't afford rent. Other than that there weren't a whole lot of similarities, though, but it's still really cute. Except for, you know, all the monsters running around. They're more Halloween special type monsters than horror movie monsters, but I do think Majico! did a great job giving the main guy wings that would make him scary instead of adding to his prettiness. (Incidentally, Majico! also did the manga for Code Geass.)

It was kind of hard to deal with at first, because it was just the main character by herself, and we need character interaction to make translating easy. I think it was the chairman of the school that came and fixed that for us. So I think on the translation difficulty scale, this one gets maybe a seven? I don't remember; it's only two books. But it was a lot harder to get into the swing of it than something like +ANIMA, or even Hiyokoya (Pick of the Litter).

Favorite characters... hmm... The chairman, of course is pretty fun but he's the kind of irresponsible that makes me want to beat him up, so Eden wins by a landslide! Woohoo! And of course, we always like the main guy, so Ren gets points, too. Athena just pointed out that we translate at least three titles with characters named Ren. And here we thought Kyo and Kaoru were common names. Then again, Lagoon Engine has three Kyos, so with Fruits Basket that makes four, so I guess Kyo wins. Lagoon Engine also has a Kaoru, so now we're wondering if there's a Ren, too. Volume six comes out... soon if it hasn't already. Hm.

I think that's all about St. Lunatic High School. I feel like I owe it more somehow. Oh well. Volume one comes out in August. I really should post more when stuff we translate comes out. That means we have to keep better track. *note to self*

Today I'm thankful for fudge, kitties hanging out with us right now, remembering to take a new loaf of bread out of the freezer, snackbars to tide us over while we wait for things to thaw, and pretty piano arrangements.
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