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We were actually a little sad yesterday that only one person claimed their Hockey Club manga. We thought for sure at least two people would have. I wonder if the other person just hasn't read that entry yet, which makes me wonder if she will.

We were going through some old entries and tagging them, and from some of the comments, we gathered that a lot of people seemed interested in what was going on with our family issues. So that made me wonder if our journal just got boring after we'd started being able to cope with those better. And then that reminded me of that one Irish guy who was on the Colbert Report promoting his memoir that he'd written, and he was talking about how he could write a memoir, because he had such a miserable childhood, and he told about his friend and how they were talking about how the friend couldn't really write a memoir because his childhood was so happy, so he suggested that his friend entitle his memoir "Happy Childhood: In Search of Misery."

And that's my random thought for the day. (brought to you by The Colbert Report)

We noticed last night that our ankles are all swollen after our trip. I didn't know you could get swollen ankles from just walking and standing. You learn something new every day.

Celeste is spending the day and the night with Sarah today, and we get the whole afternoon to ourselves to play Kingdom Hearts and/or watch DVDs, so I think we'll take advantage.

Today I'm thankful for having the place to ourselves today, random thoughts, the ability to walk, suntan lotion, and e-mails that have hopeful passages like this one: "We aren't the happiest couple of missionaries right now but all is well that ends well. And it will end well. If it doesn't then it's not really the end." (brought to you by blackhope)
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