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Figuring stuff out

AX travel plans are slowly falling into place, I think. So far, we seem to have everything worked out with the room. Mom needs to be in LA on the 28th, but nobody wants to wake up at four, so we'll actually be heading down on the 27th, I think. (There are a lot of "I think"s, I'm noticing.) We were hoping Steve would let us use his travel points to stay at a Holiday Inn that night, but when Mom talked to him, she said he was unresponsive, so that's looking like a no. So now it's our job to figure out where we can stay for that one night, which is simple enough. The problem is figuring out if we want to stay in Long Beach, LA, or somewhere inbetween. Either way, we have to figure out how to get from wherever we're staying that night to the Renaissance. If only it was in Anaheim--then we'd know our way around a lot better. Like, more than not at all.

We still haven't quite figured out how we're going to get back from AX, is our biggest problem. Celeste says if she has to, she'll come get us, but she'd really rather not take that much time off work. But right now, she's planning to make plans to visit her friends in LA, so maybe she wouldn't mind so much. Of course, I think those plans are supposed to involve Disneyland, and I don't think she'd want to go there only one or two days before July 4th, which, I have on good authority, is one of the two most crowded days at the park. Speaking of which, we still haven't decided whether or not we want to go to Disneyland ourselves after AX, but we're thinking we probably won't unless it's the only way to get a ride back home (ie: go to someone in the ward and say, "Hey, you wanna go to Disneyland on July 3rd? We'll pay for gas and show you around if you pick us up and drive us home!")

*sigh* It's hard not being able to drive.

I had another dream about AX last night. This time I actually had a costume, but I had to get costumes to my friends, and then I got roped into the Pirates of the Caribbean photo gathering because for some odd reason there was a Pirates movie premiering there so I was dressed as a minor character from that. It doesn't make any sense, really.

Today I'm thankful for being done with another Hockey Club translation, air circulation, not having had to use the air conditioning yet, adorable animation in Kingdom Hearts, and our package from Rightstuf almost being here. And the backspace key.
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