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Adventures in Ward Librarianism

As some of you know, we've been the ward librarians in our ward for a while. This is a job that entails being in the library during the second hour of church and lending out chalk mostly. But we also have scriptures, lesson manuals, pictures for visual aids, easels, markers, tape, etc. We stay behind the counter and get stuff for people and make sure they check it out properly and that it gets back to us. And we have a copy machine, in case somebody needs to make copies. This all works out very nicely when people are respectful of our calling and let us do our job.

The problem is that a lot of the time, adults from other wards will come in and act as if we're not there. They'll walk in, go right past the counter, and start looking around for whatever it is they want. And sometimes they seem to think we don't know how to use a copy machine. To be fair, at first we didn't (I know, it's pathetic), but we've been there for several weeks now, so we've got it down pretty well.

Before, whenever this happened, we would say, "Excuse me, we're here to help you. Please let us do our calling." And if they argued (which they actually did sometimes), we'd go on to say they were denying us blessings and stuff. That usually just ended in us being annoyed, so we've come up with another plan.

See, the library is set up like this: There are two doors--one on each side. Then there's a walkway, and then there's the counter. There's enough room for people to go past the counter, so people like the librarians can get behind the counter and access all the materials. Looking at the wall by this opening, we can see that there used to be a door there, preventing people from being jerkfaces and acting like they own the place. This opening is right across from the door that our key opens, and that's probably why it's also the door that is usually left open.

So, Athena came up with this brilliant plan. If we close the door that's usually open, and keep the door on the other side of the counter open, then people have to walk all the way around the counter to get behind it. We were hoping that this would give them time to look around and see, oh hey, there are librarians, but we were more reliant on the fact that people don't like to work too much. If they have to walk all the way around the counter, at some point, they'd get tired of it and ask for help instead.

And today we finally saw this plan in action. A man walked into the library, with the air of someone who knew exactly what he was after and was going straight for it. But he had to walk around the counter. As he got about three feet away from the entrance to the back of the library, he lost momentum, stopped, and told us what he was looking for. It was highly amusing. And then our plan was thwarted when the woman he was in league with knocked on the closed door instead of going to the open one, and he opened it for her, and she proceeded to walk behind the counter and attempt to get their thing. But the joke was on her, as the thing they were looking for happened to be one of the things that is not kept in the library. So there.

Okay, so I take back the "so there," because it's not very nice.

Today I'm thankful for peanut butter M&Ms, effective plans, dark chocolate M&Ms, adorable kitties on the floor, and calcium.
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