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Shiny's over... *sniffle*

As we got to the last chapter of the shiny, I realized it was the last chapter (and it wasn't even part of the main story), and suddenly I was very sad that soon we would be done with our new Saiyuki. Kazuya Minekura's been pretty frustrated on her blog lately because she keeps having to stop working on it for health reasons and stuff. That means we'll probably have to wait a little longer for volume 9, but it's much more important for her to get her health back in order, so we can wait. Besides, that last chapter was completely awesome.

For some reason this book wasn't as gripping as volume 7. That couldn't have anything to do with volume 7 featuring full youkai Hakkai and Goku, I'm sure. This is also the volume that, while it was being serialized in Zero-Sum, Kazuya Minekura was always apologizing that the fans might not like what's going on so much, and reassuring them that it would all get better eventually. So I guess after she kept our expectations low, things weren't so bad. (Though to be honest, it's Saiyuki--we're going to love it no matter what happens.)

The main problem with this volume, Athena says, was a distinct lack of Hakkai. But Goku in Love was the most adorablest of adorable things♥♥♥!!!

And Hazel. That's another problem with this volume. The stupid evil racists actually made us like Hazel. But at least Hazel is gradually overcoming his jerkiness. There was something I wanted to say about the racists but I can't remember what it was. It might have had something to do with our realizing as we translated that there actually are people who think like that. Growing up and watching movies and stuff, you kind of think that those are just villains in movies--no one can actually think like that. It just doesn't make sense. No one can actually think that way and think they're a good person. So it was kind of interesting reading this at a time when we realize that people actually do. And it's even more interesting that Kazuya Minekura seems to be making Hazel a good guy--it's like she's looking for more and more ways to show that the worst kind of people have good in them (now watch me be bigoted). But it's definitely fun to watch Hazel develop. (Incidentally, one of my favorite pictures of Sanzo is in volume 7 when Hazel talks about their friendship deepening. Bwahahahahaha!!!)

The petit burial chapter was the best!! It's just too perfect, and so Goku/Gojyo. I think I only ever vaguely wondered how they got their weapons in the past, but I love knowing how they got them! And they couldn't have gotten them any other way--it just wouldn't be them. I was sad to see Goku's hair get cut, though. But it had to happen, since he does have short hair, after all. I wonder if Hiroaki Hirata's being the dub voice of Jack Sparrow has anything to do with their play swordfight. It was just too adorable. But now we want to see their crash course with Hakkai.

And the detective story! It's so much like all the random extras you get in the back of... well Nosatsu Junkie, mostly. I think you get it in some other Hakusensha stuff, too, like HaruToki, but mainly Nosatsu Junkie. Somehow, I get the feeling we're not going to really get a conclusion.

So yes. Very shiny. And fortunately! Kazuya Minekura posted something about the little extra story thingie on her blog, so we still have a little bit more to obsess over.

Oh! And by the way, chibidrunksanzo, we don't know which e-mail address is your main one anymore, so we sent the translation to your Sanzo address at Yahoo. If you need us to send it somewhere else, let us know!

Today I'm thankful for getting to read Saiyuki Reload 8, Goku xx Xxxx, petit burial, having Saiyuki DVDs to watch to avoid withdrawal, and shiny new Saiyuki wallpaper.
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