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Proud of my loneliness♪♫

We feel so isolated today somehow. It's kind of weird, except that it's not because it happens every so often.

We ended up not having enough time to work on the shiny yesterday, because we went to watch American Inventor because Celeste told us Pat Croce was one of the judges. He had a show a couple years ago that we started watching because we saw a commercial that said, "He comes into their homes and refuses to leave until he changes their lives," and we immediately wondered what would happen if he came into Sanzo Ikkou's "home." So in case we ever had enough motivation to actually write a parody, we needed to be familiar with the show. And then we ended up really liking the guy and watching his show because we enjoyed it. He seemed to actually be really helpful.

Anyway, instead of translating shiny, we went to the special website that you can only access with a password found inside the shiny. It had some neat exclusive content, including an interview with the voice actors from Saiyuki. They were talking about the new vocal album that's coming out, and Soichiro Hoshi mentioned that they recorded the mini-dramas a long time after they recorded the songs. So when it got to be Akira Ishida's turn, he's like, "Yeah, we recorded the songs so long ago I can't really remember what kind of song I sang," at which point Hiroaki Hirata interjected, "Ishida-kun, you didn't sing." That punk Ishida-san. *shakes fist*

It's kind of interesting, though. Lately we've been listening to our Slayers CDs, and listening to Xellos's songs, it really sounds like Akira Ishida is enjoying singing. I'm not sure if we're any good at reading that sort of thing, but when we hear Takahiro Sakurai or Kappei Yamaguchi sing, they both sound a little nervous or something. Like when we sing karaoke--we like to sing, but put us in front of a bunch of people and it sounds a little forced. But with Akira Ishida, we hardly sense that at all. There might be a little tiny bit of it, and when we saw him singing Blow Winds in the one Saiyuki event, he did look like a very nervous person. So maybe he's just that good an actor that it didn't come out in his Xellos songs? Or did something happen since then? Mystery...

Anyway, that's enough rambling for now. I shall have to post our thoughts on the shiny as well, but we're only half way through it for now. I think I'm still taking it in, too, because I don't know what I'd say.

Today I'm thankful for being able to work on the shiny, getting hotel things worked out, Xellos songs, Pat Croce's tv show, and friends with awesome cheap-ticket-finding skills.
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