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We waited patiently for our package all day. We even worked extra while we waited so that we'd have that much more work work done before working on something new. But then it got to be almost six o'clock, and we're like, "Dude, where's our package?"

So we went to track it, and apparently it had been delivered at twelve-thirty! We were home at twelve-thirty! Silly UPS person, not even leaving us a note.

Fortunately, we still had eight minutes before the office closed, locking our package away until tomorrow, so we raced over there and made it with five minutes to spare! (As if the office is that far away--maybe we took too long putting shoes on? Or maybe their clock is a little faster than ours) But now we have our shiny package and it is indeed very shiny. It's actually a good thing we didn't get it ourselves when it came at twelve-thirty, because then we would have been torn between work and shiny, and as it is, we almost finished the book we were doing for work! But those translation notes are going to take forever. I'm afraid just thinking about them. *shudders*

Going back to Arcana, I forgot that another part of the theme of thieves and whatnot is kaitoh, duh, and I'm ashamed that I forgot to list Dark Mousy as one of our favorite thieving characters. What was I thinking!?

And on a completely random note, dark Snickers bars really do taste like evil Snickers. But they're very delicious. Yum!

We may just have enough time to start on the shiny before Jeopardy!, but less than an hour seems like maybe not enough. Besides, we can't just... translate new... the thing we're gonna translate.

Today I'm thankful for dark Snickers, getting our shiny package, having gotten enough work done that we won't feel guilty working on the shiny, Teen Titans popsicles, and the office being open until six.
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