Alethea & Athena (double_dear) wrote,
Alethea & Athena

Maybe it's a word count thing, what with all the traffic

We at least want to get this much posted:

Two days ago was the release date of volume 1 of My Heavenly Host Hockey Club, which is our official debut as English adaptation writers! Da-DAAAAAHH! I know I've mentioned getting free copies for people, but we weren't sure if they would just send them or if we needed to ask for them, and we were sidetracked with other work, so we didn't ask. Judging from the fact that we don't have any copies yet, we're thinking we need to ask, so we'll get to that... eventually... If anybody who's been promised a copy is impatient, feel free to bug us about it and we'll get to it more quickly.
Tags: hockey club, posting issues

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