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These be the last friendly words ye'll hear...

AX's guest of honor list is shaping up to be really incredible. They just announced what they're calling the "J-Rock Concert of the Century," where some ultra-famous (I assume) J-Rock guys, including Gackt, will be performing. We're starting to worry that with all these really awesome guests they already have, they won't get really awesome guests that have actually worked on stuff that we've seen. But I don't think they're done announcing guests yet, so maybe this is where liking some obscure stuff could come in handy.

Today Miyano-kun had an entry on his blog reminding us that he sings the end theme to Koutetsu Sangokushi, and since that means he plays a, if not the, main character, we went and downloaded the first episode fansubbed (l33t-raws doesn't carry it). It was a lot like Saiyuki in that it was kind of gay and based on one of the four really famous Chinese legends (Saiyuki, Sangokushi, Suikoden, and Houshin Engi (of course, those are the Japanese names; we don't know the Chinese ones)). And it's directed by Tetsuya Endou, who also did Saiyuki Reload and Gunlock. A lot of it seemed pretty cheesy, and all the characters' eyes are done so that they look so psycho they could kill you, just for the fun of it, at any second. But it's got a lot of seiyuu we're familiar with, and Miyano-kun♥, so we'll probably give it another episode or two.

And! we got to see Pirates last night!!

I would be very surprised if Gore Verbinski is not an anime fan. First of all, he directed The Ring movies. Second of all, like most anime, the second half of the Pirates series got reeeeeeeeeally weird.

I think the biggest highlight of the movie (and there were many highlights--it was crazy with awesome scenes) was when they went over the edge of the world. We were really disappointed in ourselves that it didn't occur to us when we saw it in the commercials, but when they got there in the movie, we finally realized, "It's the drop! It's the drop!!!" And then we were so busy squeeing that we almost missed Barbossa giving the spiel ("Ye might not survive to pass this way again..." I seriously wonder if Geoffrey Rush just liked shouting out lines from the ride at every opportunity, because sometimes he'd do it and it didn't quite fit with everything.), and then they stopped, just like in the ride, and over they went! It was so exciting! Man, we need to go back to Disneyland. And then it goes black and they start playing the music and you hear all the sounds. It was so perfect. Of course, the lines were taken from all over the ride ("Show 'em yer larboard side..."), but where else are they going to fit all that?

And then they found Jack, and it was so awesome that he's like, "You're not here to save your damsel, so you couldn't really be here." We thought they did a great job of keeping everybody in character (and we're prepared to defend that statement), though we are a little sad that Will gets so caught up in saving people that he abandons some of his integrity. Still, he was that way from the very first movie--though in the first movie it wasn't quite as dirty.

I think maybe having everybody so much in character could be a problem I have with this movie, because Barbossa's still the same evil pirate--just working for the "goodguys" now. Technically, the only "goodguys" are Governor Swann and Will, but Will's not so good anymore. Maybe Norrington after he switched sides again. So I guess this move is good for entertainment, but definitely not to be emulated. *nodnod*

We never made the "Elizabeth has the kiss of death" connection, but we did notice that Barbossa has bad luck with pagan ceremonies. The whole 50-foot Calypso thing was really weird. I'm not sure they pulled off the effect all that well. But thinking about Greek mythology, from whence Calypso originates (though if I remember correctly, I think she was just a nymph or some such), it makes sense that they'd go that way with the transformation. The Greek gods were giant humans, so first she'd take her original form (a giant woman), and then she can do whatever she wants (like change into a bazillion crabs, and then be a hurricane).

I have to say, I'm very glad Ragetti finally got an eyepatch. And that brings up another question--If Barbossa was one of the pirate lords, why did he ever join Jack's crew to begin with? Athena suggests he became a pirate lord after he took over the Black Pearl, which is really the only thing that makes sense, because I think, awesome as the Pearl is, if he had his own ship, he kind of seems like the type who'd rather stay captain of that. I could be wrong, though.

We didn't hate the ending. We didn't really like it, since we believe in happy endings, but it worked for the movie. Oh! That reminds me--we've seen the green flash thing in an anime somewhere, but we can't remember which one it was, or if there was more than one. We may have to see if we can find it.

Overall, it had a good story, the characters continued to be awesome, the effects were amazing (for the most part--Beckett really should have been a lot more scratched up by the time the ship actually blew up), and it managed to hold my attention for nearly three hours, which is pretty impressive. But it might be a little too grandiose. We liked it and everything--but it was just too big. The first movie I think is still our favorite--it was just a lot more...cozy? Or something like that. It's really hard to explain.

After we got home, we turned the TV on so we could watch something while we ate dinner, and the TV Guide channel happened to be having a special on Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. We watched it for about ten minutes before Celeste got home and we had to turn it off for fear of spoilers, so we didn't get to see how Jerry Bruckheimer answered the question as to whether or not there'd be a Pirates 4.

But speaking of people involved with making the movie--we were sitting there watching the credits, and I see the name Gore Verbinski. But it wasn't under "director," so I hurried to see what it was before it moved off the screen, and apparently he was a featured musician. We looked him up and he was a guitarist in a punk band, so maybe he's the one playing the guitar people were complaining about. I guess there was more than one, though, because you can't have Keith Richards and electric guitars without him playing one of them. If I remembered that part of the score better, maybe I would know.

So yes. Good movie. As we were leaving, we passed by two girls in the attitude of trying to decide which movie they were going to watch this Friday night, and one of them said, "We could watch Pirates again, but it was long." I was mostly amused, but it is a marvel to me that people have so much money to just go to the movies all the time.

Today I'm thankful for getting to see Pirates, Celeste not seeming like she wanted to kill us for seeing it without her, peanut butter sandwiches, having an afternoon to play video games, and temperature regulation.
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