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Can't anybody post anything that's not about Pirates!!???

We haven't seen Pirates yet. When did the world get to be such that I feel so slow for not having already seen a movie despite it's only coming out today? Alas.

We're not sure how all things are going to work out with Pirates today, since we kind of have plans to see it with Mom at four, but Celeste will be at work and I'm not sure if she'd be upset is we see it without her. It's all very complicated and I'd rather not go into it right now.

In other news, AX's Haruhi Suzumiya announcement is that the three main voice actresses will be coming and giving a concert. That would probably be the awesomest thing ever if we had seen this anime. But alas, we have not. I wonder if it's on Bandai Channel...

Still, one of those three also happens to have played Rain in FushigiBoshi no FutagoHime, so we might have to cosplay Fine and Rain. That'd be pretty neat. Even if none of the other attendees recognize us, one of the GoH's would, and that's the important thing. We're thinking we'll go with their school uniforms, because they're easier than the princess dresses and they have cuter hats than their other outfits. But who knows? Maybe we'll get ambitious and do the princess outfits. Maybe.

According to their bios, Aya Hirano is twenty years old. That makes us kind of sad. At least she is older than Irino-kun, because it would be weird for the voice of Mamori in Eyeshield21 to be younger than the voice of Sena.

It's a little selfish, but we're hoping those aren't the only three seiyuu they get. It would be nice if they had someone who's in more stuff we've seen. But it is pretty darn cool. Now we just have to figure out what we're going to do about watching Haruhi.

Today I'm thankful for peanut butter, finally hearing Tybalt, knowing the origin of "yankee" as a term for Japanese hoodlums (I still need to type stuff up about that), having the opportunity to see Pirates 3, and adorable Benvolio.
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