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The power of prayer

So much is going on in my head right now that I'm not sure what all I want to talk about right now. Actually, our thoughts are mostly dominated by AX right now, but I think I wanted to talk (or rather, rant) about last night's FHE first.

Last night's FHE was about financial planning. We actually thought this could be an informative night, so we weren't too deterred by the boring factor. We were, however, a little stressed about AX stuff and already annoyed at the guy giving the lecture because when he asked us if we could get him into the library, not only did he pull my hair (why don't guys understand that a girl's hair is not to be toyed with so lightly?), but he acted like he didn't believe us when we explained that our key to library is computerized and deactivated every day except Sunday. That was all just a mild annoyance, so I did try to rein in my snarkiness as the lecture went on.

But then we played this game. He gave everybody a card that told them what good they sold and how much it cost, then gave everybody little papers representing money. We were supposed to buy and sell, but everyone needed to make sure they had the things they needed in order to live. I fully admit that I was being a brat when I complained of the sexism in that while the guys only needed bread, milk, and pants to live, girls all had to have a shirt, too. We also made no effort to actually win the game, as we didn't sell anything, nor did we go off to buy boats when the floods came (though the bishop's wife said we could ride in her boat).

But there was a trick to the game because it was really an object lesson that I feel was immoral. When the cards were distributed, half the people were given yellow cards and the other half were given green cards. The groups were sent to opposite ends of the cultural hall so he could give each one secret instructions. The people with yellow cards' secret was that they had extra money, and the people with green cards' secret was that they weren't supposed to buy anything from the yellow people. So by the end of the game, the green people had all the money, and the point is that you can bolster a closed society financially by doing that, so we should all keep in mind when going out and buying goods and services that we should only buy from LDS people, to bolster the LDS society.

When he said he felt like he was saying a bad thing, I said, "Doesn't that go against the Gospel?" He told me that no it doesn't, but I would like to present this scenario: There was a return missionary who recently spoke in our ward. He told about one investigator who was a carpenter. He was so poor that it was good news for him to sell a bench and be able to feed his family for one day. What if that guy had a yellow card? If we as a church refuse to buy from people just because they're not in our church, doesn't that go against everything that King Benjamin taught his people? We would be letting that man's family starve to death, and I can hardly see that as charitable.

Another scenario: When Athena had to go to the dentist a while back, Mom told us about her dentist, who was probably in her ward. This dentist was not reassuring at all, and Athena said the whole experience was very uncomfortable. But if this dentist is the only dentist with a green card, he'll feel no need to improve his skills, because there will be no competition. And in the meantime, everyone in this stupid little closed society's teeth are falling out because their dentist sucks.

We'd also like to point out that if he hadn't rigged the game by having someone with a green card being the only one selling boats, which everyone needed to live when the stupid flood came (right after a drought--in that case we think it would have been a flash flood, and a boat wouldn't have done much good anyway), then all his stupid little green minions would have died.

And now I'm done with my ranting. So on to happier things!

Starting with stress though. Yesterday, we decided we might as well go extend our reservation at the Renaissance Hotel for AX. See, I had called a week before, and the nice man on the phone signed me up for the first night we wanted, and said they'd get back to us within two days to see if we could get the next three days at the AX group rate. Come Friday (five days later), we hadn't heard a thing, so I called the hotel and found out the group block was sold out. This was at the same time we heard about the new block opening up, so we were being foolishly undecisive again. So yesterday we finally decided to get the reservations for the rest of the convention. But as it turns out, not only is the group block sold out--the entire hotel is sold out. So we check some of the other AX hotels, and they're completely sold out, too. At this point we realized how badly we do want to go to AX, because it's really looking like we may have to cancel. But we still had hope, because people always cancel, or maybe we'd find someone in that Hyatt program with guaranteed availability or something.

So last night, we prayed really hard that we'd get to go, if it was okay. We knew things would work out for the best, but we weren't sure if that included us going to AX. So we decided we'd ask, and if it was really a no-go, then it wouldn't work, and at least we'd definitely be able to afford Otakon.

Then today, as we're making our regular rounds of forums and LJ, someone posted that their roommates couldn't make it to AX anymore, so they were going to stay with another group, but the group wasn't showing up until a day later, so they needed people to stay with them the first night, and then if they (the new roommates) needed the room, and could afford it, they could have it. So we e-mailed her right away, and it looks like we finally have a room for AX!!! She said she'd get us the details over the weekend, so we'll see, and we're paranoid about things, so we're not sure we can count our chickens yet, but for now I think we can relax a little.

On the other hand, now that we're pretty sure we're going, we need to figure out transportation and costumes! Augh!!! But again, it'll work out for the best.

Today I'm thankful for the power of prayer, answers to prayers, having plans to buy fabric tonight, peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, and translation going smoothly.
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