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Mini-GFs Final Mix

For now, since there's still hope regarding the devastating news of this morning, I'm going to ignore it and focus on happier things. First off, yesterday we started going through all our old entries and adding tags. Normally I wouldn't have mentioned anything, but while we were doing it, we came across the Adventures of the Mini-GFs entries, and wanted to recommend that everyone who hasn't read them follow the tag and go read them, because they're pretty awesome. There's an explanation in the first entry as to what they are.

Second, we actually ended up not reading any manga yesterday, because some of the other stuff we did took so long that we realized we didn't have time to read manga, watch a movie, and play Kingdom Hearts, so we decided what we really wanted to do was play Kingdom Hearts and just did that the rest of the evening. It was actually kind of a hard decision to make, because even after playing Kingdom Hearts II, it's been so long since we've played KH1 that there's a very strong feeling of, "We can't just... play Kingdom Hearts!" Like it's too grand and we shouldn't touch it or we'll mess it up or something. Come to think of it, we might also get that feeling if we were to start KH2 again.

We knew it was going to be a little weird playing, because we knew all the voices would be in English but all the text would be in Japanese. And it is really weird, but it's not so bad. Though Athena tells me that in Japan they use opposite buttons to jump and hit stuff with, which sounds really insane. I wonder why they would have changed it for the American version. Weird.

Anyway, it was so nice playing Kingdom Hearts again. It was like going home. Especially in Traverse Town. Somehow Traverse Town is a lot like Disneyland, while Twilight Town just isn't. It's kind of weird, though, because I like thinking of being at Disneyland around sunset more than at night, but then night time is when they have Fantasmic!, and it does last a little longer, so it might just be that we're at Disneyland at night more than we are at sunset. Come to think of it, I think the architecture in Twilight Town is a little more...urban? modern? More "real world" like.

Wakka's dub voice is still incredibly annoying. It's sad, because I'm pretty sure his voice actor can in fact act, and yet that, "How's it goin'... man..." is just... ick.

It was interesting going back to Destiny Islands, because after Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts II, Riku was like the awesomest character of all time, but we were brought back to when we just thought, "Yeah, I guess he's alright, in that all anime bad boys are pretty cool." And so of course we wanted to beat the crud out of him. (This is especially because ever since long ago when Tidus said, "At least Kairi'll have Riku to look out for her," Athena has always needed to prove herself.) But sadly, because the buttons were switched around, we had to give up on beating him in the race, because neither of us had the patience to keep practicing.

One of the really interesting things about Final Mix is that it looks like they didn't change the script to match the English dialogue. This is awesome, because we get to see all the differences. One of the most interesting things, I think, is that it seems like a lot of the time they ended up having to add lines to the English version because the straight translation was too short. They had some good writers, though, so it's all still very much in character. Sometimes the English version is better than the Japanese! Gasp!! But that just makes sense with Donald and Goofy, since they're very American characters, and as far as we know, there isn't a Japanese word for "palooka."

The biggest question is why does Squall's big fiery move look so much cooler (er, hotter) in the first game? I thought they were supposed to improve on things for sequels. Oh well. Maybe it does look as cool in the sequel, but we never got a good enough look at it because we were always running away. Eheh.

One of the really weird things about Final Mix is that the Heartless have different colors. At first we thought we might have been imagining it. We remembered those knight guys being more purple and less greenish-brown, but maybe that was just our memories being weird, or something with the color settings on the TV we were playing on. But then we got to the boss in Traverse Town, and suddenly he was all primary colors! There was no way he was primary colors before! We clearly remember him being purple and black. And lighter purple.

Well, that's all I can remember wanting to say. Sora is still the cutest ever. Oh, and we didn't complain about how the actors should read the entire script so they can emphasize the right words in their lines.

Today I'm thankful for finally playing Kingdom Hearts again, the ability to be productive in adversity, Tamaki making it all better, comically deep-voiced Bloo, and mini-GF adventures.
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