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We had an adventure today!

We decided to walk to the grocery store today. This was partially because we need more exercise and partially because it's hard to find people willing to take us to the grocery store. We didn't think it'd be so bad, and it really probably wasn't, but we did discover that we are incredibly out of shape. It wasn't so much the walk as the carrying groceries home that did us in, but now we are exhausted, and we didn't even get that many groceries (mostly just catfood, cereal, and bread). So I think we might take up DDR again or something. We wanted to see if we could get Para Para Paradise, because then we wouldn't have to worry about all the stomping disturbing our downstairs neighbors, but apparently it's out of print. Grief.

One interesting thing we noticed on the way home from the store was a church with a sign that said "Sinners Welcome." We're not sure how effective that would be, because on the one hand, there are people out there who are afraid to go to church because they're afraid everyone will judge them as sinners, but on the other hand, since it says "sinners welcome," there might be people who are like, "How dare you look down on me like that and call me a sinner!" I wonder what their attendance is like (honest curiosity). According to some other stuff on their sign, they seem to be really big on acceptance of people, so they seem pretty sincere, at least.

In other news, we started playing Final Fantasy Tactics Advance on our GameCube GBA player thingie. It's pretty addictive, so it's a good thing we tried being productive before starting it up. We wanted to make a ton of icons and stuff, but we seem to keep being thwarted in those endeavors, so we figure it's okay to get back to video games. Though I do need to start working on costumes soon. We've decided that our best way to decide on which costumes to make is to go to a fabric store and see what kind of fabric we can get. We've done it that way in the past and it seems to work out really well, so hopefully this time it'll work, too.

Today I'm thankful for being home from the grocery store, having a bag of Baked Ruffles to look forward to, FFTA, not having to go back to the grocery store for a while, and drinkable water.
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