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Oooohhh, Freak Out!

We definitely have a bad habit of thinking waaaaay too hard about things. We're still having a hard time with AX hotel stuff, and we recently(ish) saw a post in the staff recruitment thread saying that most positions were filled. And we still aren't sure how we're going to get down to Long Beach (though a few people have offered rides, for some reason we're hesitant to take anyone up on them--maybe it's the transfer to Anaheim after the convention). So we're like, "Maybe it just isn't meant to be this year." And we start thinking that maybe we have to not go for some reason we don't know yet.

On the other hand, when Dad was taking us to Kinokuniya a few weeks ago, his wife asked when we were going to be going to the convention over there so we could visit them. They happen to live in Maryland, so the convention she was referring to was Otakon, and it so happens that not only will Tomokazu Seki be going there this year, but so will Mamiko Noto, who we totally made friends with at AX 2002. So we (or at least I) have been anguishing about do we go to AX or Otakon or both or neither.

Then, before they made the announcement on the website, we got an e-mail from one of the AX staff letting us know that they opened up a new hotel block. This is happy, because it means that, for one reason or another, the AX people cared enough about us to help us find a hotel. (Not us specifically of course--"us" as in the general AX attending "us," but since they went to the trouble of e-mailing us, it made us feel wanted.) So we think it's okay to go to AX.

But on the other hand, the new hotel block is about a mile away from the convention center. Or at least, the closest route by car is about a mile long. This has been our concern all along, because, since we can't drive, we want to be as close to the convention center as possible. So now we're thinking too hard again about whether we should reserve a room in the new block, or just extend the reservation we made at the closer hotel even though we can't get the special AX rate because that block is sold out. Really, I think walking half the distance is worth the extra $100 (the special rate for the new block is not that inexpensive--the extra $100 is for the whole stay, not just one night). So that's probably what we're going to do, as soon as we get through our, "But what if we have to stay in the new block because...?" and "What if the new block isn't as far away as Mapquest would have us believe?" and "Sure a hundred dollars isn't that much, relatively speaking, but can we really afford it?" etc. phase.

And all the while we still have to focus on work! I kind of feel like the main character of the series we're working on--getting insanely worked up about nothing. Oh well.

Today I'm thankful for helpful e-mails, flashlights, large size Take 5, characters that freak out over nothing so I don't feel like I'm the only one, and Mimsies walking across the desk.
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