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Triumph of a sort

First off, chibidrunksanzo, we got your presents today! Thank you so much!! They're totally awesome!! I'm already trying to think of awesome quilt designs. I wonder if we should get some of that fabric you can run through the printer... Hmm... And oh, the awesome stamps that will be made... Yesss...

So yesterday we went to Mom's for Mother's Day, and since we were more prepared this time, it didn't go so bad. We figured there would be some time when people were split up and we would be left to our own devices, so before we left, we packed some Fruits Basket manga in the bag that we always carried volume 1 in, in case they tried to get us to keep score again. We threw our VHS copy of Sleeping Beauty in there, too, since Mom had mentioned wanting to make Steve watch it, as he had never seen it before (apparently his mom thought it was too scary when he was little?).

Mom spent the time that Sarah and Steve were cooking sending e-cards to people for Mother's Day. This provided a good opportunity for her to also check her e-mail, and at one point she informed Steve that a woman they'd met at some seminar thing had written a children's book, and was offering to sell it to everybody at a special rate. I took the chance to mention that we're entitled to ten free copies of everything we translate for Del Rey, and they told us we should totally take them up on that offer. So I said, "Why? It's not like we have anybody to give them to who'll read them." And they said, "That's what we're here for! We'll tell people about it, get your names out there." Oy.

I was assertive and said, "I kind of wonder why neither of you are saying, 'We'll read it!'" Mom replied, "You might get Steve to read it. I got him to read Harry Potter." Steve added, "Now I read Harry Potter every night before I go to bed. It's such a sad life." I said, "I think it's sad to decide you don't like something before giving it a chance." (This was also a reference to when we showed up earlier and Mom had Chicago playing in the background. Celeste and Sarah determined that Chicago is not appropriate for Sunday, so Celeste turned it off and changed it to Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, soon after which point Steve came out, saw what was on, and immediately did what he could to get the remote away from Celeste. I think we would have convinced him to watch it if we hadn't already told Mom that we'd brought Sleeping Beauty, which sadly became an excellent alternative. We ended up turning the TV off altogether because Sarah was cooking and somehow tensions had gotten high about that.)

I thought if anything Steve would take the, "Well you hate sports" angle, but I guess all that scorekeeping had neutralized that argument, so instead he said something kind of like, "It's not like that with the anime books. I'm excited to read those." "Well then why haven't you?" "It's just not around for me to read. I mean, if there were some right here..." I wish I'd been holding the bag, because it would have been far more dramatic to pull the book out on the spot, but instead I had to walk back to the living room to get it. Still, though less dramatic, the effect was pretty much the same. He started looking at it while Mom started telling us that we should give her some manga so she could give it to her mother, because she would read it. "But you haven't said you'll read it." "My mother would love to read them!" Ugh.

After reading the first page of actual manga (was he trying to flatter us when he said he wanted to stay on the credits page? Because it so did not work.), Steve commented that it was just like we were narrating it. We were like, "Duh, we wrote that translation." We made a few more comments like how there is a rewriter, and we hope that the author's style comes through, and he kept emphasizing his point (through repetition). We're really not sure what he was trying to get at there, but the thought didn't occur to me that his tone of voice really did indicate that that would make it a painful read until we'd changed the subject, so I wasn't able to call him on it. He left the book on the counter, and we don't know if he picked it up again, or if he ever will. Our money's on no.

And then we had dinner and then we watched Sleeping Beauty, and then we went home. All in all, not so bad, and even if neither of them ever reads Fruits Basket, I think we won that battle. (Actually, Mom has read volume 1 of Fruits Basket, and we're pretty sure she liked it. But that was before she started dating Steve; our theory is that she can't read it until Steve reads it and gives the okay for her to. Ick.)

But switching to more geekiness, as we've been watching Romeo x Juliet, we've been noticing that almost all the voice actors we'd heard before had been in something directed by Junichi Sato. We figured it was because some of the people who worked on it had worked with Sato-san before, like maybe the sound director. We knew the character designer had worked on FushigiBoshi no FutagoHime, and the head writer (Reiko Yoshida, who's pretty amazing usually (she's working on D.Gray-man now, and I think she did Corda)) had worked on Kaleido Star, so it wasn't too far-fetched. If we had been paying more attention to the credits, we would have noticed that not only has the sound director worked with Sato-san, he is Sato-san! (Thanks, Wikipedia!) So now we're even more anxious for Tybalt to show up, because Takahiro Sakurai♥ was in every Junichi Sato anime from Gatekeepers to Kaleido Star (though he was only in the second season of Kaleido Star), and we've always been wanting to know who plays Tybalt. (Episode 6, currently downloading at 4KB/s)

We also need to see Gatekeepers, now that we know it was directed by Junichi Sato.

Today I'm thankful for shiny birthday presents, the season finale of Survivor (allowed us to go home early last night), having our internet connection back up, friendly phone representatives, and Wikipedia.
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