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And they lived happily ever after...

Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers out there! I think on our friends list that makes pudges, and... no one else, so Happy Mother's Day, pudges! Unless you want to count all the pet owners, in which case there are a few more (you know who you are).

We'll be heading over to Mom's place in a little less than an hour here, and it could be pretty boring (boring is better than stressful, at least), so in the interest of fitting more entertaining things into our day, I think instead of trying to come up with something new and interesting, I'll post the thoughts we typed up on Princess Tutu after we finished watching it on Friday. Okay, so I was going to post them probably today anyway, so I guess time constraints have nothing to do with it. Anyway, here they are!

So we just finished watching Princess Tutu and it's brought up a lot of discussion that's very interesting, so I wanted to come to LJ and type it all up, but our Internet connection is very unhappy right now, so I'm typing it up on Notepad instead, perhaps to be posted on LJ later.

I kind of get the feeling that Drosselmeyer is like Junichi Sato's evil twin, just reading all the interviews and stuff.

But more importantly, that ending!! It would kind of defeat the purpose of the whole thing if Fakir just made Ahiru a girl again, but it still kind of sucks that he didn't. So we're sitting here talking like, "I hope after the end, he makes her a girl again. They did say his story is just beginning, after all. ...but then she wouldn't be her real self. Dang. Okay, he could make himself a duck! ...but then he wouldn't be his real self. Dang it! ...But if he made himself a duck, then he wouldn't be writing stories anymore, so no one would have to worry about the stories taking over any more. That's right! Ducks can't write because they don't have opposable thumbs!" There's also the idea that one or the other of them just wishes so hard to be a human or a duck that that would become their real self. Like when you have a dream to be a ballerina, obviously if you don't know how to dance, you're not a ballerina, but you can become one! Yes! That would be awesome.

The other important question is what about the people that come into Gold Crown Town (I hate that the English translation rhymes. It just doesn't sound as poetic that way, ironically) and suddenly one of them is an animal? Specifically that family where the mom was suddenly an elephant (or was it a rhinoceros?). Were they originally a family of elephants? Based on the dance troupe whose leader was an electric eel, it would make more sense that they were originally all human, because it would be hard for a troupe of electric eels to wander into a landlocked city. Oh, but I guess there's a river. Hmm...

But anyway, I just assumed they were originally humans, but then that wouldn't explain why Cat-sensei (I don't know why I insist on mixing the English and Japanese for him, and yet I do) and Ahiru ended up as a cat and a duck. That would have been nice, if Ahiru was actually originally a girl, and then Drosselmeyer turned her into a duck when he brought her into the story, because then they could leave town and she'd be a girl again! Yay! I mean seriously, what's a family of elephants (or rhinoceri) doing wandering through a random town in Germany?

During the second- and third-to-last episode, we were both hating the story because on the one hand, we wanted Fakir to end up with Ahiru, but on the other hand, we wanted Ahiru to get Mytho. But then they explained why Mytho would be with Rue, and we're like, "Well, okay, in that case. I guess." But still sad. But then there was that scene with Fakir and Ahiru where he saves her from the lake of despair, and it's just like, "How can they not end up together?" And another thing!! Why do Rue and Mytho (or Siegfried, whatever) get to kiss but not Ahiru and Fakir!? Sadness. If Ikuko Itoh ever comes to AX and one of us is lucky enough to win a sketch, that is so what we're getting a sketch of. That's our new dream. To get a sketch from Ikuko Itoh of Ahiru and Fakir kissing. And they told us like a million times in that show and all the interviews never to think it's impossible and give up!

(Disclaimer: Just because it's our new dream doesn't mean it's our only dream. *nodnod*)

And thus concludes our Princess Tutu babbling. For now, anyway. We were supposed to go online and look up the ballet people they mentioned, so that we could stay in the mode a little longer and ease the transition from the end of Princess Tutu to the middle of the Host Club game. But our internet's still be wacky, so hopefully this was enough.


We decided to have some peanut butter squares before getting to the Host Club game, and while we were eating, we got to talking about Princess Tutu some more, and I thought I'd type up more thoughts because our internet is still not working, and we ended up talking so long that it's a little bit late for turning on a video game. (Part of that is because Steve called about Mother's Day. We were so hoping to stay home, but alas. (We are bad children.))

Anyway, the first point is the cover of Volume 5. The ADV covers are reversible, but we just can't win with that one! It's either Rue dressed as a prostitute, or Rue dancing with Fakir. Or rather, Fakir dancing with Rue. Either way, it's just disturbing and wrong. Okay, so we really don't hate Rue that much (hence our not wanting to see her dressed as a prostitute), but much as I wanted Ahiru to get Mytho, Fakir and Rue together is just plain wrong. Wrong, I say! Wrong!!! It's sad too, because generally, we like that set of covers better. Alas.

We also want to add a disclaimer about our rants about the ending. It ended beautifully, and we still love the series; we just had to come to terms with it. We noticed that Junichi Sato's series have a nasty habit of skimping on the denouement. We love the stories to bits, but that's exactly why we wish we could see the characters being happy just a little bit longer at the end. Punk director. That's part of why I think Drosselmeyer is like his evil twin. On the bright side, I feel smart because I know the word denouement, and not just because it was's word of the day just a few days ago. [edit: after thinking about it, I realize that it's not necessarily that there's not enough denouement, so much as not enough of it focusing on what I want it to focus on. Selfish fangirl! No cookie! Still, the denouement should focus on who was actually the main character more, right?]

We read the voice actor interviews. We were a little concerned because when as we opened up the DVD cases and saw them, we only saw the front of the papers on which they were printed, and those had the interviews with Rue, Mytho, and Ahiru. We were going to be seriously annoyed if they didn't have an interview with Fakir. Not that that would accomplish anything. But then we read the interview with Rue and turned it over to find more interviews, and were very relieved. One of the most interesting things about the interviews is that out of seven actors interviewed, at least three of them were actually auditioning to be Mytho. (At least, we assume Yanagi-san was auditioning for Mytho, since that's who he played...)

And we're completely in love with Sakurai-san. Athena says, "His voice is just too sexy. How can you not want to marry him? I mean, if you're a guy, obviously, but..." We found a web log of his once. I don't know if he's still keeping it. But there was one very short entry that said, "My cat sleeps on my face. How am I supposed to sleep!?" That same website had a bunch of pictures of him goofing around. The one where he was represented spring was adorable. I'd look for the link, but our internet's still wacky. *checks* Yup. Still wacky. I have no idea where I'd find it, anyway. But the really weird thing is in those pictures, he looks like he could be our cousin, only Asian. Come to think of it, we have some pictures of him with Miyano-kun and Kenichi Suzumura... We may have to go drool over those later.

It's also interesting that Sakurai-san says that Junichi Sato told him he could just read Fakir in his normal voice, especially because Fakir starts out as such a jerkface. It makes you really wonder what he's like in real life. But he also said that he thinks of Fakir as being really weak at first, so he's probably not like that. *nodnod* We need to get the second half of Kaleido Star, so that our collection of Junichi Sato anime with Takahiro Sakurai playing characters in them will be complete. As far as we know, at least. One of these days we'll find a list of all the stuff Junichi Sato's done. We keep finding out one thing at a time.

And now I think we're really done. At least for tonight. But alas, our internet is still wacky, so we can't check LJ before going to bed. Well, we'll certainly make one more try. *nodnod*

I feel like I don't talk about anime like that enough. I want to try to do it more often, so hopefully it's as entertaining to read as it is to write.

Today I'm thankful for the awesome chocolate we got in church for Mother's Day, being able to take the time to rave about a series, the awesome lesson on forgiveness in Relief Society today (that's something I really need to work on), getting the Tamaki ending, and Ringpops.
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