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Double trouble

We've been kind of immersing ourselves in Host Club lately, partly because of the video game, and partly because we're working on new icons. But it's a good chance to continue our rewatching of the series that we started long long ago and then stopped because we got so busy. Especially because we're caught up on everything and our Code Geass downloads are going so slow. Anyway, we just watched the "Host Club in Karuizawa" episodes (15 and 16), so I thought I'd take the opportunity to type up some thoughts, more about us than Host Club itself.

There are a ton of anime and manga series that have twins in them, but I don't think any of them have come as close to representing the type of relationship the two of us have as Host Club has. It almost makes me think that Host Club has the most accurate representation of twins, except that we know not all twins are like us.

Watching these episodes especially reminded us of what we were like in elementary school, which just goes to show that we're more mature than Hikaru and Kaoru. Nyah. But we did the same thing--we had a few friends that we let into our very exclusive world, and we'd get very upset when they tried to go do stuff that didn't involve us. Come to think of it, we're very much the same way now, but I think we're better able to cope. In elementary school, our best friend would face our wrath. In college, we'd just pout.

I think having a closed world is a defense mechanism that twins are blessed and cursed with. Right now, we're being reminded of why we hate Mother's Day--three years ago Mom treated us like crap because of the guy who's now going out of his way to make sure we give Mom an awesome Mother's Day (despite being so wonderful </sarcasm> at our birthday dinners), and so we retreated back into our closed little world, thereby keeping our (relative) sanity. And when we moved here, we were happy to stay in that world where it was safe, and not have to deal with people. But being in that world, it's really hard to make friends, and so it becomes a curse.

It's kind of hard to describe, and I'm not sure what I'm trying to say exactly. Basically, what it comes down to is we watched the episodes of Host Club about Hikaru and Kaoru, and we're like, "That's it! That's exactly what it's like!" So maybe I don't really need to say anything at all except, "Watch Host Club!" But then in our Hitachiin-like selfishness, we're like, "Why you gotta be friends with them and not us?" And I'm not even sure if we're talking to the host club or the people we're telling to watch it. It's messed up, is what it is.

Well, I think I've confused myself enough. So now what I want to do is decide on the bestest Hitachiin Brothers cosplay idea that will cause all the fans who see it to go, "Now those two are Hikaru and Kaoru." The uniforms are so done, but most of their cosplay is just for one episode and I don't think we share their look enough for people to instantly know that's who we are. In fits of insanity, I think, "Maybe we'll just style our hair to match!" But that would be a silly reason to chop off all our hair. I'm just not confident in our wig styling abilities. Oh well.

Today I'm thankful for Host Club, cooler weather, chocolate covered pretzels, Bokura no Love Style, and Tamaki. I think I've been thankful for most of this stuff before, but it's a renewed gratitude.
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