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It's coming...!

It's less than fifty days until Anime Expo, and we haven't worked on costumes at all. We haven't had a whole lot of time to think about it, since we've had so much steady work (thankfully) and video games and whatnot, but whenever the thought hits me, it gets kind of scary. We didn't have money to make new costumes for AX last year, which makes it even easier to forget about it, but when I think of the costume crunch for Halloween... *shudders*

Not that it's really so much of an issue. We found a pattern for the only set of costumes we know for sure that we want to do (Hikaru and Kaoru from Host Club); now we just need to go buy materials and stuff. And with a pattern, it shouldn't take as long, because I'll spend less time sitting around trying to fit imaginary pieces together in my head. But then thinking about it again, I'm like, "Oh, but maybe we want to do their Cheshire cat outfits!" It would be more original, after all, and we wouldn't have to worry about wigs so much, but trying to find the right kind of striped fabric...

It's kind of lonely only having one set of new costumes. We could fix up Zorn and Thorn and bring them... Then of course there's the +ANIMA obsession, and the wanting pretty girly costumes. *sigh* It's hard being a cosplayer sometimes. ... I guess it's mostly just hard being a crazy cosplayer. Oh well.

On a completely different subject, Celeste came into our room yesterday while we were watching Romeo x Juliet (oooh, there's a good idea for cosplay... maybe Juliet and Odin... but then one of us would still be a boy... but if we did Juliet and Red Wind, it wouldn't be so bad having to be a boy...) and asked us what we'd been telling blackhope about not-boyfriend lackey. We hadn't told him anything in our e-mails, but obviously he's been checking LJ (if you're reading this, are you sure that's okay?). And now he's challenged her to write a haiku about him. We're very amused at the whole concept, but I don't think we'll get to read the haiku unless blackhope shows it to us. And for not-boyfriend lackey's sake, maybe I should change his nickname. Hmm.

Last night we got to the end of the Host Club game, but we didn't succeed in paying off Haruhi's debt, so we didn't get a good ending, alas. They tell you the point of the game, but they don't tell you that they make it nigh impossible to accomplish your goal, so you have to be very careful. So now we're trying for the Tamaki ending again, which is only mildly annoying because the story will be almost completely the same since we're always going with the same character again. Ah well.

Today I'm thankful for being done translating CLAMP no Kiseki, having more groceries, being caught up with anime again, the weather being cooler today than it was yesterday, and now having "Who Wants to Be a Superhero?" on DVD! Yay!!! Now we just have to find people to watch it with...
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