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I can't think of anything to write about today.

Earlier today we both felt like we had something to say about something, but it's gone now. Bye-bye!

Umm... Hayate the Combat Butler is still awesome. We're happy that we're getting a lot of the anime references they make, though we're sure we're missing a bunch.

Saiyuki Reload 8 will finally be coming out at the end of the month, which is very exciting. (Right now I'm a little hot and we're in the middle of laundry, so I'm not feeling the exclamation points so much. But feel free to imagine them, because they really should be there.) I was thinking of using that information to point out that, see? we like things that aren't cute, too! Saiyuki is one of, if not the, most favorite manga titles of ours, but everytime we show somebody whose not into anime our exciting new Saiyuki thing, they tend to kind of go, "Ew." Ergo, it must not be cute.

Nevertheless, Goku is exceedingly adorable. But sometimes when we think someone is cute, I wonder if we like them because they're cute, or if they're cute because we like them. Fakir, for example. On the one hand, I'd imagine that most people who have seen Princess Tutu don't think he's very "cute," but then I think of this scene and that scene and I'm like, "But how can anyone not think he's cute!?" This is why we have a hard time arguing the point that we do like things that aren't cute. We find cuteness in everything! Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!

Not that we mind being associated with cuteness, of course. It's just this fear we have that, because it's a law of physics that everything we like is cute, people kind of dismiss everything we like as being just another cutesy kids' show and not worth watching. Of course that's probably just coming out more now because of our fun times on Sunday where everyone was so excited about the things we wanted to do for our own birthday, and because we're so insecure, and in fact are freaking out today anyway because while my visiting teacher did forget about our plans yesterday, she called today, apologized profusely and rescheduled, and I'm so terrified of being rejected again. We take things too personally sometimes. My excuse is that since we don't hang out with real people enough, we get too attached to our fictional friends.

Ack! We don't mean to whine. Just thinking in type.

Anyway, today I'm thankful for Brian Clevinger's comments about Spider-Man 3, a world of cuteness, new Saiyuki to look forward to, glasses (lately I've been afraid for my eyes; I blame the girl on Jeopardy! who was talking about the possibility of losing eyes playing racquetball), and being almost done with CLAMP no Kiseki.
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