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The cute one

Since +ANIMA volume 4 goes on sale today, we thought it would be a good time to have the next installment of our series!


I don't know why I insist on leaving the title in all caps for +ANIMA when there are so many other things that I don't. Maybe I want it to get people's attention because I like it so much.

Anyway, almost two years ago now we got an e-mail from our boss at TokyoPop saying that she would be leaving the company. This made us very sad because we liked our first boss at TokyoPop, but we respected her decision. It's not like we could have done anything to change it, anyway. She would be staying long enough to train her replacement. And so while she was training her replacement, we got an e-mail from said replacement (for this entry we'll call her "new boss") offering us the series +ANIMA to work on. We kind of got the feeling it may have been new boss's first e-mail offering a new series to a translator, but we have absolutely no proof on that. It would have been neat if it was, though.

We'd never heard of +ANIMA before, but from the description it sounded pretty neat, and, after a tiny bit of research said we'd love to do it. I think that's how we got our reputation of liking cutesy titles, but since +ANIMA is our new favorite series, I guess it's hard to deny it. The problem is, now that it seems to be an established fact that we do like cutesy serieses, it's hard to convince people that the titles we like have substance, and +ANIMA is no exception. The characters are young (and therefore adorable), but they're awesome, and they have pretty dark pasts for being so little. Poor kids. (Or so we assume in Husky and Cooro's case, since we haven't gotten to their backstories yet. But based on how things work in the series, they kind of have to have dark pasts, we think.)

And so we got off to a good start with new boss, even though the idea that we like cute serieses seems to have stuck pretty fast, to the point that we're concerned that new new boss may be holding some stuff back from us because it's not cute. But we did get the Shiny New Thing, so we can't really complain. And we like new new boss, too.

Back to +ANIMA! In case I haven't made it abundantly clear already, our favorite character is very much Husky. Just the way he deals with everything. And of course, being a merman (we tend to refer to him as "fish boy") helps. I remember being worried that he was a girl, because we saw him on the covers of volumes 1 and 2, and we weren't sure if he was a boy or a girl, but he looked more like a boy (we hoped), and that would have been so cute, but for some reason it wouldn't have been if he was a girl. I'm not sure if that's because we're sexist or what.

Senri is our next favorite, and, incidentally, the one who gets the most comments of, "Oh, he's so cute!" from us. (With Husky, it's more of an, "Yeeee hee hee!" type reaction, which doesn't quite seem to come across in type.) Cooro and Nana are tied for third, and though we don't like them as much as Husky and Senri, we just love them to bits. I love how Cooro seems so much smarter than he acts. He's a lot like Zidane in that respect.

On the translation difficulty scale, +ANIMA gets a... 2.5. Or a 3. Sometimes it's super easy, but last time it wasn't so much with the super. I think it's that darn exposition. Blah blah slave laws blah blah blah.

Well, I guess that's all about +ANIMA. Now I've got myself wanting to read the next volume. We have it, but for some reason we can't let ourselves read it until we get the work order. Probably has a lot to do with being "busy" with video games. And you know, actual work.

Today I'm thankful for getting to think about +ANIMA, having plans to watch Princess Tutu with my visiting teacher tonight (I hope she remembers!), the Japanese pronunciation of "Princess Tutu" (it's so cute! even when Fakir says it!), Fakir = Husky (only a little older), and having those Nestle's chocolate stick thingies with the commercials like "This morning, my boyfriend left me. For my mother!" to try out.
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