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Shoulda stayed home and watched Princess Tutu

Yesterday we went to Mom's again, supposedly to "continue our birthday celebration." Mom had told me the previous week that when we went over there yesterday, we could watch any DVD we wanted. And since Steve's kids were going to be there and we knew they enjoyed Final Fantasy IX, we were planning on bring that to play, so we were a little excited.

The excitement was killed pretty easily, though, when Mom called to ask what the plans were. The conversation went something like this:

Me: We were thinking of bringing Final Fantasy IX.
Mom: ...
Me: ...And we could bring Tarzan, too.
Mom: [to Steve] You up for Tarzan? [to me] Steve's game for Tarzan.

I was more than a little annoyed at that, so I tried to defend Final Fantasy IX by reminding her that they keep saying they want to do more than watch movies together, and FF9 is perfect for that, because there's all that time wandering around dungeons and stuff that's good for socializing, and the story bits are good for entertainment and stuff. Unfortunately, I wasn't quite that eloquent on the phone, but I don't think that would have helped anyway. Mom said she just wasn't as interested in Final Fantasy as she was in the Legend of Zelda. I'm not sure if that was supposed to be a hint or not, because they don't have a GameCube or a Wii or anything that can play Nintendo games except for DS. At any rate, she asked for confirmation on Tarzan, and I was ticked off, so I said, "You don't deserve to watch Tarzan." And she said, "Well, okay, we won't watch Tarzan, if you're going to be that way." So I said, "...we'll bring Tarzan." Then I told her she sucks, which I really shouldn't have done, but I am wondering if when she said sarcastically, "Happy Mother's Day," what would have happened if I had said, "And happy birthday to us."

I really could have handled it better, I'm sure, but it's so frustrating that she didn't even pretend to show any interest in Final Fantasy IX, when she should know it's something we care about a lot. We really should know better by now that we can't expect anyone to care about any of the stuff we care about.

But we decided to try to be good sports anyway, and Athena decided, on second thought, that she didn't veto the Tarzan idea. But we also decided to bring Fantasia so that when someone said, "Okay, so what movie are we gonna watch?" we'd hand it to them and they'd be like, "Uh... I don't know about this one..." And we'd say, "Oh, okay," and hand them Fantasia 2000 instead. We never got that opportunity, but it would have been interesting.

After dinner, everyone seemed to be having a good time conversing except for us, because we were still bitter that nobody ever asks how we're doing (it's always, "So how was sparring, Celeste?" or "How was work, Celeste?"), but we were managing. We mentioned that we brought Final Fantasy IX, and Steve's kids seemed to really perk up, but the only person who seemed to really push the idea was Celeste, who thought our distracting the kids with FF9 was the perfect opportunity to play Scrabble. We were okay with that, because if they were playing Scrabble in the same room, at least they would hear FF9 going on, and maybe think it was a little interesting. But somehow Scrabble was not played. Celeste and Sarah went and hung out in Sarah's room, and Mom and Steve both went to take naps. That didn't work so well for Mom, so she came out and watch FF9 for a few minutes before she decided that work would be more interesting and went to her office area. And the whole time, we were trying to enjoy our game, but it was hard because people kept coming in and out and acting like they weren't interested (meaning "bored"), and it's always hard to enjoy something when you're worried about everyone else being bored. Plus, we were distracted by the cat.

Eventually we turned the game off and had cake, and then Scott kept asking to watch Tarzan. This gave us hope, because everyone could enjoy Tarzan, except maybe Steve, but he already said he'd watch it. But alas, the movie had just started when Celeste's not-boyfriend lackey came over wanting to play DS. And so Scott, who had been begging to be allowed to stay up late to watch Tarzan, ended up watching Kimee play DS with Celeste, not-boyfriend lackey, and Sarah, until he took Kimee's DS and was playing instead. Somehow, movies are a lot less enjoyable when you have people in the same room specifically not watching the movie. That could just be us, though.

There was some good that came out of it. Soon after we started FF9, Steve realized that Scott was watching, too (Kimee was the one who showed the most interest), and, almost as if trying to get his son away from the evil influence of Hironobu Sakaguchi, asked if Scott wanted to shoot some hoops instead. Scott's response of, "...where?" indicates that it's not something he does often. He said he'd rather watch FF9. I felt mildly victorious, though I do think that people like Scott could stand to exercise more. But Final Fantasy winning over sports makes me very happy.

Steve got upset that we weren't calling the cat by her real name. At one point, we said we'd teach her that her name is Pele, and he was like, "You're only here once a week," so Athena, proving that we had more influence that he was suggesting, said, "Hey kids, the cat's name is Pele." They were confused, so we explained it was the Hawaiian goddess of fire. Steve said they don't believe in false gods, so I said, "Fine, it's a character in literature." I don't know if there's any literature that talks about Pele, but naming a cat after a Hawaiian goddess goes along those same lines. Steve was saying that they don't like literature in their house at the same time Athena (note the name) said, "Then should I leave?" He didn't get it, but as soon as everyone else did, they're like, "Oohhhh, you got told!" So we won that round, and for a while after that the kids were calling the cat Pele. Scott called her "probation" later, but that might have just been because those kids seem to have learned to be careful of their audience.

It was actually not too terrible a night except that Mom was cranky, and Steve was a complete jerk when it came to the cat. And somehow, even though we got to do everything we wanted to do, it still sucked. We need to make plans to be far away on our next birthday. Next week is Mother's Day. Our current plan is to make some peanut butter squares and have Celeste take them over there without us.

Right now, I'm just sad that if we'd had a USB cable for our scanner, we'd have a really good icon to use for this post by now. Alas.

Oh! And on a completely different note, for the curious, Celeste was watching Hannah Montana on Saturday, and there was a character from Minnesota with an accent, so we decided to use a more Minnesota/Wisconsin type accent for the one guy. We actually mostly relied on the Dairy King's ghost from Danny Phantom for inspiration, so I have no idea if it's authentic, but that's not really the point, we guess.

Today I'm thankful having finished translation notes, lovely kitties, not having to deal with Steve all the time, ice cream, and being home right now.
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