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It's kind of funny how things balance out sometimes. Yesterday we were kind of sad because we had been planning a trip to Disneyland next weekend, but we checked the calendar and found out that Fantasmic! is closed for refurbishment. Fantasmic! is one of the main reasons we go to Disneyland (you know, aside from it being one of our favorite places of all time), so now we're not sure what we want to do about our trip. Fantasmic! will be open again on June 15th, so we could wait until then, or we could just wait until we go after AX anyway (which actually at the moment is looking a little iffy), or we could say we'll see Fantasmic! when we go later in the summer anyway, so why not go now, too? They'll still be showing the Remember fireworks show, after all. But it was still a little depressing.

It was also a little depressing because we got the Yasutsugu ending on HaruToki last night, but then he wasn't really there, so it was kind of sad. I'm not sure if it's healthy for us to play love sims after all, since we get too attached. The idea of trying for someone else's ending right now just seems wrong. I mean, what will happen to Yasutsugu!?

And yet we can't stay away from them. In our Takahiro Sakurai obsession, we're having a hard time refraining from ordering Harukanaru Toki no Nakade: Maihitoyo from Play Asia. But in the meantime...

Our super awesome birthday present finally arrived today! And with perfect timing! Not only did it come after we were sad about Disneyland, but we also just happened to finish HaruToki, so now we just have a few things to take care of before getting right to it.

So we're now the proud owners of the special edition Ouran High School Host Club video game!! And, though we haven't played it yet, from what we saw at the website, it looks like it, too, is a love sim. This could be dangerous. But! since we got the special edition, it came with a book with fancy pictures, and a CD with cast interviews! This is very exciting, so we need to get this game played so we can listen to the CD.

But we may or may not have plans to see Spider-man today, so I don't know how much time we'll have to play it. Maybe the timing wasn't so perfect after all. But at least if we're not playing Host Club, we'll be watching Spider-man.

Today I'm thankful for our super awesome birthday present, the chance to "date" Tamaki-sama, the idea of being able to make animated icons, character profiles, and manga artists that don't automatically assign their twins to be Gemini.
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