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Merry Unbirthday, everyone!!!

Obviously, since today is our birthday, it's everyone else's unbirthday. Except for the other people whose birthday it is today, like Kirsten Dunst (she takes our birthday and Spiderman. How dare she.), but they're not on our friends' list.

Thank you everyone for all the birthday wishes!! We've had a pretty leisurely day, and we actually did watch all of Gunparade March, which is a little surprising because we're so afraid of commitment at this point. But it was awesome, just like we remembered it. This time we actually watched the previews for the next episode, only about halfway through they decided they weren't actually going to introduce the next episode, which is also extremely awesome.

We noticed the sound director was Masafumi Mima, who said in an interview about Chobits that he wanted to type-cast Otosuwa because if he just got a good actor it would sound like he was acting, and now we're wondering if Gunparade March came before or after Chobits, and if it was experience with Akira Ishida that led him to that conclusion. I think Ishida-san did a great job, but Athena says during the first DVD, he didn't sound quite as good as usual for him.

Sadly, our super awesome birthday present to ourselves hasn't arrived yet. It might be about a week before it gets here. We're totally spoiling ourselves this year, but that's because so much awesome stuff is coming out around our birthday, so it's easy to just say it's a birthday present, especially since we actually have money this year. And now Rightstuf is having a sale on Rightstuf merchandise, so we're sorely tempted to get the second season of Gals!. The whole second season for only $30! We did just get some birthday money from Grandma...

Oh, that reminds me! If any of you people with awesome episode-finding skills could track down a place where we could download Japanese episodes (fansubbed or raw, either way) of Ojamajo Doremi, we would be eternally grateful. It's Princess Tutu--she's got us on a Junichi Sato kick, and since 4Kids animation got the rights to Ojamajo Doremi a long time ago, there's not much hope of being able to use Netflix.

Oreo has been hiding all day. It started this morning when he joined me under the covers on my bed, but after he was done with breakfast, he disappeared and we didn't see a sign of him until lunch. And after lunch he disappeared again. It's a little strange, because we can't think of any reason for him to be hiding.

Today I'm thankful for Gunparade March, birthday wishes, voice actor interviews, it not being so hot today (yesterday it was in the 90s!), and making it through another year. And not having to deal with Genjyu.
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