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I wanna be Princess Tutu when I grow up!

I'm having a difficult time focusing on anything other than Princess Tutu right now. We watched volume four last night, and it looks like our theory proved correct. Bwahahahahahaha!! We so called it.

I love Fakir to itty bitty bits (which I'm sure he'd love to hear). He's just so awesome. It does make me realize that I have a thing for jerkface characters like Fakir and Tsukimori from Corda and Husky from +ANIMA. Though in Husky's case he's only ten, so it just comes across as being exceedingly adorable. Like he's like, "Get your act together, stupid!" And you're like, "Aww, you're so cute!" And he's like, "Gaaaahhhhh!!!" And you're like, "♥♥♥♥!!!!" Or at least, we are.

Sanzo was our favorite Saiyuki character for a long time, too, so I think we just like guys who aren't afraid to tell other people to stop being stupid. But on the other hand, I realize that I tend to like characters that I think are similar to me, so I wonder about myself. I'm sure there are some people who either think I'm a jerkface or think I act that way sometimes. I should be more careful. Still, since I love characters like that, it kind of takes away the incentive to not be like that.

Tonight was supposed to be our birthday dinner, since our birthday's on Monday (April 30th, such an awesome day♥), but there's some weird "senior choir fireside" that Sarah's performing in so tonight's going to be like a normal/birthday thing, and then we'll have the official birthday thing next week. They better get us presents to make up for it *grin* Somehow when I hear "senior choir" I think senior citizens and not seniors in high school. I wonder if that means I'm getting old, or I'm just detached from high school. High school seems to be very important to people here, though.

Since we're on a ballet kick thanks to Princess Tutu, we thought it might be fun to make Mom and Steve suffer through Fantasia 2000, but we're not really that mean. We would have brought Tarzan for a backup. Based on why we hate country music, we can understand why Mom hates classical music, but it is a little sad to think about anyone missing out on flamingoes with a yo-yo (not that we'd ever let them watch just that segment alone). But since we won't be there long enough to watch a movie anyway, it doesn't matter. This actually works out perfectly for us, because it means we get to come home and have plenty of time to play Atelier Elie, and potentially watch more Princess Tutu. We probably won't though, because it will likely be a while before we can get to it again, and we don't want to watch the last DVD so far apart from the second to last one.

And next week, the kids will be there, which means instead of a movie, we'll be bringing Final Fantasy IX. Bwahahahahahaha!!!!

Today I'm thankful for jerkface Fakir and his sexy ballet, birthday dinners (we can finally be the ones eating what we like while the people who don't like it have to deal), getting chocolate at church, flamingoes with a yo-yo, and having time again to play Atelier Elie.
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