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Almost ready!

We're almost ready for our nice, long weekend! (Not sure on how nice it will start out, but hopefully it will be nice.) We got held up a bit because Celeste's not-boyfriend lackey came over to set up our computers on a network. He had to go to work before he got everything to work right, though, so Celeste may not be too happy when she gets home and finds her computer not internetified. We're awful, though, because she had been a little annoying with her "I need everything I want right now" attitude when she decided it was time to set up the computer Mom gave her, so we feel a little vindicated. And so while I feel like I might be able to figure everything out myself, I'm not sure how much I want to. Though I guess there might be some incentive in that if I don't, the next day for not-boyfriend lackey to come over and work on it would probably be Monday, and that would just suck.

In the meantime, we've got all our work work done, and now we just need to get a few things in order before the trip to LA tomorrow. On the one hand, I'm kind of excited to play with our new portable CD players (we're too poor for mp3 players; we got them because of our intense hatred of country music, which is likely to be playing at some point during the ride), but on the other, the idea of waking up at five in the morning is less than appealing. Better than four, at least. You'd think the idea of spending time with family we don't usually get to see would be more appealing. I feel like it should be, anyway...

Okay, I feel like I have more to write about, but I don't think I do really. Today I'm thankful for shiny new toys, getting those toys in time for the trip that we need them for, blue, getting to translate awesome manga that we wouldn't even have read otherwise (even if it is a major pain to translate), and bilateral symmetry.
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