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So much to do, so little time

I feel like there's so much to do! Today is one of those days that feels productive and not productive at the same time. But this whole week has been weird, because there's stuff to do involving Aurora getting married. Yesterday we went to buy new church clothes. That's when I realized, yet again, that I'd really rather stay as far away as possible from the world of fashion. It doesn't help that we both think a lot of the current fashions just aren't that pretty. But then even when there is something pretty, we're worried about it. Maybe we think it's pretty but everybody else thinks it's hideous or something. It probably doesn't help that we're going to be seeing Aurora, who is very snobby and judgmental, and quite likely the cause of many of our insecurities, being our sister and all. (That's part of why we find it so intriguing that the director of Saiyuki Reload chose a theme from Sleeping Beauty for Kamisama's background music.)

In the meantime, we keep getting more work thrown at us. Okay, so it's not thrown at us, more like presented to us with a, "Hey, could you do this?" type attitude, but "thrown" was more dramatic, you know? And it's true that people seem to be wanting things in a bit of a hurry. We're cool with it, except that this week is a little crazy anyway, so it's hard to get a sense of normalcy, and all we really want to do is find Yasutsugu's pieces of heart. But work's fun too, and we're taking the day off on Monday. (That's actually part of why things are crazy, since we're going to be gone all day Friday, and we want to make sure we get enough stuff done that we don't have to worry about taking the day off.)

Speaking of Monday! Our super awesome birthday present finally shipped today! There's only a very slight chance it will get here on our birthday, and an even smaller one it will get here before then, but that's what we get for being cheap with the shipping. It's still very exciting though.

Anyway, I should stop wasting time here! We've got manga to read! Today I'm thankful for having new church clothes, Cadbury mini-eggs, our super awesome birthday present being on its way, not having to deal with Cheese the imaginary friend, and personal pan pizzas.
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