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It's the thought that counts.

Having a hard time thinking straight today. Things are kind of weird right now, and Aurora's upcoming wedding is just making them weirder. We thought we'd get her a Roomba vacuuming robot, since Athena remembers her saying she wanted one, but when we called Mom to ask if it would be okay to not get overnight shipping (since Mom is down there once a month anyway and can deliver it), Mom told us Aurora has hardwood floors. It would have been such a good present, too! Grief.

We watched more Princess Tutu last night, which was awesome because we finally got past where we'd left off. We'd forgotten it was such a terrible place to leave off--in fact, neither of us really remembered anything that happened in episode 9. Defensive memory blockage, probably. We also read the little papers that came in the DVDs, that have comments by the Japanese staff. They were so sweet, they gave me warm fuzzies. And Fakir is too cute! He's just like Husky from +ANIMA; it's adorable.

The problem with Princess Tutu is that I haven't been taking ballet since I was three. This is a problem because I feel like, in order to accurately cosplay any of the main characters, you'd have to be an amazing dancer. Well, any of them except Drosselmeyer, Edel, and Ahiru or Duck or whatever you want to call her. I like calling her Ahiru. We've only seen the ADV subtitles, and they call her Duck, which makes sense plotwise, but I think they could have worked around it if they called her Ahiru.

Speaking of Princess Tutu, does anyone know of any free, easy-to-use software we can use to make animated icons? Not that those are necessarily connected, but we have an idea or two. Not sure if the one'll work, but we won't know until we try making it.

Oh! Another random thing we found out yesterday! We decided to look up the Host Club CD drama cast. As it turns out, Kenichi Suzumura, who plays Hikaru in the anime, was Kaoru in the CD drama. We're still having a hard time wrapping our minds around that one.

Today I'm thankful for Princess Tutu, not having to spend $50 on overnight shipping, Meister Rank and two more years in Atelier Elie, pages with only four things on them, and pretty ballet music. Maybe someday we'll get a CD of Swan Lake.
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