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Sometimes it's fun to listen to Midna and try to figure out what it sounds like she said

We were all ready to make a shiny new icon yesterday! We thought of a good caption, we found a good picture to use, we even downloaded the drivers for our scanner so we could use it. But then, wo of woes, we couldn't find the scanner's USB cable. And we couldn't find any other cables to replace it with. Grief.

On a happier note, we finally beat Twilight Princess last night! Yay! (And we did make another icon, using a screen capture.) We were very excited to see the end credits, because this is definitely one of our favorite Links of all time, and we were anxious to know who played him. (He didn't really sound like Nobuyuki Hiyama anymore, and they did get a different cast for Wind Waker (wow, Sachi Matsumoto was Link? She's in a ton of stuff we're watching!).) So we were very happy to see that he was played by Akira Sasanuma, who not only played Dearka in Gundam Seed, but is rather good looking. Sadly, he's not in a whole lot else for us to go watch and obsess over.

We also noticed that Hiromi Hirata was in it, but we can't figure out who she played. We'll just have to play through it again and listen for her. We met her at AX'04, and she was very nice. Her hobby is making shoes, which would come in very handy for cosplay.

I don't really have a lot of coherent thoughts on Twilight Princess, except that it was totally awesome. And I love how the music subtly changes when you get on Epona. And it would be the awesomest thing ever to see someone dress a baby girl up as Midna. Anything more than that would probably have to go under a cut anyway. But here's a cute little fact: if you put a K at the end of Colin, it becomes Ko-Link, which means "little Link"! Foreshadowing for a future game? Only time will tell. But probably not. Still cute, though.

Today I'm thankful for the rainy weather, the "vitamins" in the Bishop's office (he claims he doesn't have any chocolate), Link, little Link, and end credits.
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