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Cabin Fever! Ah!

The problem with translating fanbook type things is that it's less like interacting with the characters, and more like telling somebody about what they did, so when we're done, we're still sad and lonely. Fortunately, the cats seem to have gotten tired of Celeste's room (or actually, it's possible that Oreo was hiding somewhere in our room all day...) and have come out to spend time with us.

Yesterday ended up being even more extra stressful, because after the finger thing in Darker than Black and the other stress I mentioned, somebody on the AX forums posted horror stories about ambitious cosplayers (he must have been lying... right?). And then for FHE we learned about emergency preparedness. The Twins can only handle so much violence and doom in a day... But at least there was chocolate pudding and oatmeal cookies afterward.

We're still hovering in indecision about the AX volunteer thing. We were all set to apply and then we were reading a thread on the forums where another guy said if it was between standing around at a booth or exploring the con, then it was a one-sided battle (implying that exploring wins, of course). And that made us remember why we're reluctant to apply in the first place. It just seems so sad to give up enjoying the con in order to go to the con. Thinking about it, of course, chances are we would be helping out with things we'd be going to anyway, and if we get to spend more time with the guests, it'd be like a dream come true. But it's still so hard to commit.

On the bright side (or rather, on an only vaguely related topic), we finally got our letter to Kazuya Minekura in the mail today. We're not expecting a response of any kind, and this is probably the last we'll hear of it, but our delusions of grandeur give us this hope that something in the letter will pique Minekura-sensei's interest enough to at least mention it on her blog. Also, according to her website, everyone who writes to her gets special Saiyuki paper, but since we're overseas, we're really not expecting that, either.

Oh, also! we just posted at honyaku_dojo about how to get into the translation business (or at least how it worked for us), so if anyone's interested, hop on over and check it out! Technically the dojo's supposed to be for help with the actual translating, but since we hear a lot about people wanting to translate, we thought it might be useful. We really ought to post more about language though. We'll have to figure out what to post...

Today I'm thankful for Oreo sneezing every time you scratch under his chin, getting our taxes filed, nice people who can drive being willing to help us out, sexy shots of Hiruma in the new end sequence to Eyeshield21, and oatmeal cookies.
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