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Day of stress

So today we finally got our act together and started writing on the backs of the photos we wanted to send to Kazuya Minekura. (And by "we" I mean Athena.) It's one thing to type stuff up in Japanese, when you can type the kana that you want and hit spacebar to get the right kanji and it's all neat and pretty, but when you have to write it by hand, it's another thing entirely. And when you're planning for that writing to be read by someone you reeeeeally want to make a good impression on, it's very stressful. It took about an hour. Maybe an hour and a half, but we're really not sure.

Thinking about it now, it's kind of silly. All we're (Athena's) doing is writing on the back of pictures. It's a simple thing. It's not like moving big rocks or anything. And yet every penstroke took great effort. (It didn't help that my pen smears, Athena adds.) But now it's over, and all we have to do is either take it to the post office or put a bunch of stamps on it and send it off. For the latter, first we have to figure out how many stamps it needs, because we're not sure how much it weighs. Or we could just cover the whole thing in stamps. That could be fun. Hm...

But since that took enough out of us (me too, and all I did was look up kanji!), we decided that applying to volunteer as AX staff can wait until tomorrow. The form seems friendly enough, but the idea of seeing a response in our inbox is pretty terrifying. We really need to get over this fear of people thing.

And so we watched Darker Than Black, which actually didn't help at all, but did have some amusing points, like use of the "fake-out make-out" that came in handy so often in Danny Phantom (works every time!). Come to think of it, Athena reminded me that it worked in Hatarakiman, too, and so now we're wondering if it was in some other anime that Butch Hartman's seen and we haven't. The other amusing thing is that they showed a black guy, and we were like, "That's Bones for you. A cosplay character for every race!" (In Ayakashi Ayashi, there's a girl from Mexico, and let's not forget Scar's native people in FullMetal Alchemist, and all the French people (okay so there's one) in Host Club.) So, jokingly I'm like, "Now all they need is an Asian guy!" (I know, technically most of their characters are Japanese, but people always joke about how they don't look Japanese. Stop looking at me like that!) And then the main character turned out to be Chinese. Whee!

First impression--it looks like Bones is attempting something like Weiss? Except there's a lot fewer pretty boys. And it's difficult to say just what's going on yet.

And then we worked on CLAMP no Kiseki for a couple hours, so overall the day's been pretty tiring without much legitimate reason.

Today I'm thankful for initiative, being ready to send our fan letter, not being in a hurry to finish CLAMP no Kiseki, already having the next episode of Romeo x Juliet (may not get to watch it today though), and having an apartment that allows kitties.
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