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Day of rest

Thanks to Mom being too tired from the end of tax season to have company, we get to spend our afternoon and evening at home today! Yay! I wonder if our Japanese drama is even still playing. We missed four episodes--for all we know it's over. Sad. But that's okay, because we still get to play Atelier Elie! And probably read some manga, too!

Today we had an awesome lesson on testimonies today, so I thought I'd share mine briefly. I know that Heavenly Father loves us, and doesn't want us to fail. And that's why we're going to apply to volunteer at AX (but not until tomorrow, because it's Sunday, so stressful things can wait). And I know that if we keep the commandments, things just work. More and more I get the feeling that the commandments aren't there to prove our obedience, but because life is so much easier when you do those things.

That still feels weird every time. Ah well.

Today I'm thankful for space heaters, fans to (hopefully) take away the smell of spilled perfume, getting to spend the afternoon at home, people noticing that our birthday's coming up, and stable internet connections.
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