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Romeo, Romeo...

You know you've played Ocarina of Time a few too many times when statements like, "Hunting Poes wouldn't be nearly as annoying if I didn't have to only do it at night. Or if I could control the sun," don't sound too implausible. The other fun video game quote we got a loooong time ago but I never remembered to post was Celeste being indignant about getting game over in Castlevania and saying, "Death killed me!"

But today I wanted to talk about Romeo and Juliet. It looks like they're still going to have the stupid ending. I guess we can't really expect them to change that, because it's kind of the whole point of the story, but I think if Disney can change the Little Mermaid, Gonzo can change Romeo and Juliet. At least everything's different enough that it might not be as stupid when it happens. Other than that, it's very shiny. Romeo is adorable! And he's played by Takahiro Mizushima, who we really liked when we first heard him (Chris in Scrapped Princess) but then he wasn't in a whole lot else so we kind of forgot about him. Now he's Romeo and the main character in Seto no Hanayome, so it looks like he's making a comeback.

We're not the types to seek out anime based on who composed the soundtrack, but it's always a nice bonus when a composer we really like did the background music. In this case, it was written by Hitoshi Sakimoto, who also wrote the music to Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy Tactics, which is especially appropriate because the series is very FFT-esque. We always liked his stuff.

Mercutio is old. That wouldn't be so weird if he wasn't played by Kakihara-kun. (Note the -kun. He's playing old guys, and he's eight months younger than we are!) Tetsuya Kakihara usually plays cute little guys. Or at least, not-very-big-looking guys. And now he's old Mercutio? That's just weird. Though from the few lines he had in the first episode, he's doing a very good job.

Also, Kakashi fans may or may not be interested in the fact that William is played by Kazuhiko Inoue.

(I'm just happy because of all the characters whose voice actors we're familiar with, we guessed all of them. Except for Ryo Hirohashi and Sayaka Oohara, but they don't count for some reason. Though we really should have guessed Oohara-san, since she's always playing girls with long blonde hair. Come to think of it, we didn't guess Benvolio either, but he definitely doesn't count because we've only really heard him as one character (Toma in FushigiBoshi no FutagoHime Gyu!). If he ever says anything is "hitsuyou nai," we will laugh hysterically.)

I guess a proper review would include our view on the differences between the play and the anime. But that would require an LJ cut, so I'll just say we're all for 'em.

Today I'm thankful for the strange things people say that don't sound strange when you've played too many video games, finally having the first episode of the new Bones (they animated FullMetal Alchemist and Host Club!) series downloaded, the rainy weather, sensible people, and stories that don't end stupidly.
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