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The one that caught us off guard

We are so far ahead of things today, it's weird. We'll see how long that lasts once we start on CLAMP no Kiseki again.

Today there was a review posted at AnimeOnDVD of My Heavenly Hockey Club. More of a peek, actually, which is kind of irritating to us, because we wanted to know what people think of the translation. But on the other hand, we were scared to read the review because of what it might say about the translation, so I don't know. But now I'm sad it didn't say anything. We were surprised to see it's coming out in May, because we thought it wouldn't be out until July. I don't know if they moved it up or we just weren't paying attention.

Aaaanyway, since we have so much extra time today, we thought it would be a good opportunity to finally go on with our commemorative multi-part series!


Rizelmine is kind of a scary series. It completely snuck up on us. Despite the fact that we had been trying to keep close track of what Yukiru Sugisaki was up to, we didn't know Rizelmine even existed until we got a newsletter from Animaxis telling us it was out in book form (there's only one volume). Not only that, but it was being animated and there were already two episodes out. So we had a friend of ours get us the episodes, and it turned out to be rather strange (although the opening sequence was the most adorable thing we'd ever seen). Still, we trusted Sugisaki-sensei, and since we were getting ready to go back to LA (and thence to Kinokuniya Book Store), we figured we may as well try the manga out, too. This was an especially good idea, as we later found out, because the anime gets to be kind of disturbing later on. Darn those pedophilic fanboys!

It's interesting how with most manga artists, they censor things out for the animated version, but with Yukiru Sugisaki they seem to want to make things more risque. Even the DN Angel CD dramas are more risque than the manga, and they don't even have visuals! The characters are a lot more interesting in the manga, too. For example, in the anime, Aoi seems to be just an average high school girl, but in the manga, she's completely obsessed with shoujo manga (she calls Asuka magazine her Bible), and is just more fun in general.

Rizelmine is also the series that reminded us that when Yukiru Sugisaki doesn't have a lot of pages to work with, she fills them with as much as she possibly can. I think Rizelmine is the first manga we translated with pages that packed. (Now Hiyokoya and another title I'm not sure I can mention can give it a run for its money.) And that's why it was probably a very stupid idea when we reformatted our translation for TokyoPop to try to get the entire book done in one day. But we did it anyway, and I think the reason I don't remember it very well is that it was so insane it's all a blur. It's cute and heartwarming, though.

Favorite characters include Ryunosuke and Aoi, of course, and Lux. Lux is awesome. I think she would be a fun cosplay. Rizel is very cute, too, and not nearly as masochistic in the manga as in the anime. The part where she tries to play hard-to-get is adorable!

On the translation difficulty scale... hm, it wasn't very long, and we tend to have an easier time getting character voice with Yukiru Sugisaki, but it is sci-fi and jam-packed with text. So maybe a seven or eight, but it's been a looooooooong time since we translated it. I wonder what it would be like now...

Wow, really not much to say on Rizelmine. So I guess that's it. I should have typed that up a long time ago.

Today I'm thankful for Jimmy the Bandit, Yoko Ishida behind-the-scenes bonus DVDs, Nana's autumn collection, Butterfinger chocolate egg thingies, and getting to watch episode 2 of Hayate the Combat Butler.
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