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Maybe we should make a crossdressing icon...

It's always depressing when the best looking guy in a series turns out to actually be a girl. The name really should have tipped us off, but her chest is so flat when she's wearing that breastplate! And if our theory about her is correct, I guess it's fair sort of. Oh well. Senri, it's all you again.

So we finished working on +ANIMA today and now we're sad, and not just because the one character turned out to be a girl. (Fortunately, this Hayate the Combat Butler download is going pretty quickly, so at least we have some consolation.) +ANIMA really is one of our favorite titles. It's kind of a little like Saiyuki, since it's got four characters who all have Backstory and they're currently traveling west, but maybe we're just thinking that because we've also been working on (getting up the courage for) sending a fanletter to Kazuya Minekura. I also find it ironic that it has more stuff on the checklist that we have to check off than the last thing we worked on, because the main characters are all younger, so it's most likely aimed at a younger audience. Must be the difference in genre.

Today I'm thankful for leftover Easter candy, getting to translate +ANIMA, new episodes of Hayate the Combat Butler (aww, the download slowed down!), serieses with pretty boys that are actually boys, and still having more +ANIMA to translate in the future.
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