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Cute little angst boy

Today I'm torn between being irritated over the AX hotel situation and being all fangirly over +ANIMA. So let's focus on happy things and go with +ANIMA. It's very hard to stay upset while working on +ANIMA, after all, except when somebody in it makes a comment indicating that someone wasn't the gender you thought they were. Darn that zero-pronoun!

But Husky is just too cute. It's adorable how he tries so hard to be your typical anime angst boy. He'd probably pull it off, too, if Cooro wasn't around, and if he was older than ten so we weren't just like, "Oh, he's so cute!" But he even has the angst poses down pretty well.

The question that was brought up today was how does it work to be a lizard +Anima when reptiles are cold-blooded? For some reason it never came up despite one of the main characters being a fish +Anima. Go figure. I guess the obvious answer is, "How does it work to have animal powers at all, psycho?"

We so need +ANIMA icons. And costumes. *nodnod* They probably wouldn't be recognized by a whole lot of people, but we'll know who we're supposed to be, at least. It would be better if we could get Cooro and Nana... Hm...

In other news, we watched that new show on NBC last night where they put the actors in a scene without telling them anything about what kind of a scene it is. It was pretty neat, but it did remind me that someone being a very good comedian does not automatically make them good at improv. Though come to think of it, I think it was mostly the people who knew what was going on that were less entertaining. But Dave Foley was the judge, so of course it's one of our favorite shows now. But that doesn't mean we'll watch it every time it's on.

Oh! We keep forgetting to pay attention to these things so we can't always let people know about them, but this time! we remembered that Saiyuki Reload 7 and Fruits Basket 16 are coming out today! I wouldn't be surprised if something else we translated is coming out today too... let's go check... Nosatsu Junkie 2!! Featuring more of Ikue Tsutsumi and his obsession with strawberries. I think. I really don't remember the chronology of anything or where it breaks up in book form these days.

Today I'm thankful for friendly phone calls, getting to see Dave Foley on TV last night, the impossibility of being sad while translating +ANIMA and listening to Mamoru Miyano sing, cute little angst boys, and the weather being a little cold (and therefore not hot) today.
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