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How did they know we love Strawberry Marshmallow!?

We got another package from RightStuf today, and now we are the proud owners of the complete set of Gunparade March! Yay! This is most happy. I was tempted to take it out and watch it all right away, but we had to have lunch first, and then there was some question as to whether or not we had time before Family Home Evening. Thinking about it now, since it's twelve episodes and not thirteen, we probably did. But that's okay, because the other reason we didn't put it in right away is that today we're working on +ANIMA, which is another thing that makes us Very Happy. Especially because there is much Husky x Nana cuteness in this volume♥

But we really have to plug RightStuf today, because in addition to the DVDs from our last order and the Saiyuki Reload DVD they had on backorder for us, they sent us a Strawberry Marshmallow calendar thingie with the cutest pictures! Strawberry Marshmallow is another series that we think everybody should see, but failed to buy during the Geneon sale, because we felt like we should save some of our money. But now we have the cutest little calendar, and April has one of the best pictures (it's got Nobue in archery gear and Miu in the back with an apple on her head)! Which is awesome because April is totally one of the best months. We also got a FUNimation sample DVD with two episodes of Samurai Seven on it, but we think they're probably dubbed. Maybe we'll check it out, but... it's the dub. Probably. It might not be the dub. That's why we'll check.

So RightStuf gets major points. They'd be our favorite people ever if it weren't for their porn addiction. (When we were struggling to find more work, we checked them out and they're like, "People who do not wish to translate hentai need not apply.") Still, we're thinking it would be neat to join their affiliate program and then if people actually bought stuff through our website, we could pretend we get royalties on all the stuff we translate. That, of course, would require us to have a website though.

Speaking of websites, there's this company in San Diego that makes pens for businesses (it's like a business card, only more useful!), and they sent us a sample pen with all the Futago Translations information on it, so now we're like, "Oh, you're so sweet. Let's buy some pens!" Except that it has our home address and phone number on it (since that's where our business is located), and we'd much rather be contacted through the internet, so it would work so much better to have a website. I wonder if we could persuade someone to build one for us in exchange for a free t-shirt...

But today I got to use the pen to sign contracts for Del Rey! It was really neat!

But today wasn't all fun and games. We had to decide not to watch an anime series that has Akira Ishida♥ in it *sniffle* Fortunately, it's looking like that character won't be in it a whole lot after the first episode, so we'll live. And of course it was also a little sad that, despite the fact that Hayate the Combat Butler airs on Sundays in Japan (which are Saturdays in America), l33t-raws didn't have the next episode yet. Alas.

Today I'm thankful for having all of Gunparade March, RightStuf sending us neat extra goodies, Strawberry Marshmallow calendars, awesome April pictures, and shiny pens with our business name on them.
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