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Happy Easter!!!!

Easter is such an underrated holiday. According to Christian tradition, we're celebrating the awesomest, happiest, and most important event in the history of the world! So when I was feeling kind of blah this morning I decided I needed to fix the blahness. I'm kind of slow in regards to religious events and stuff, so I like to relate them to anime and video games and Disney movies to get a better feel for them. So this morning I started thinking about all those things in which they beat the main badguy, but the hero dies or everybody thinks they died or they're so close to dying they almost might as well be dead, but then they have the finale and they're alive and everything is happy, and I figured that the way those anime and video games and Disney movies make me feel is probably what Easter was like, only on about a millionth scale. And then the day started being happy, and I had "A Star is Born" from Disney's Hercules in my head, which was pretty awesome too.

And then we had an awesome Relief Society lesson, where we learned about the Crayon Kingdom. It's difficult to go wrong in a lesson when you use children's picture books.

After church we went to Mom's place--something we had been dreading all week. But this time it wasn't so boring. It threatened to be a few times, but it ended up being fine. We watched Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, and that brought up the ever-important question: Did Filch name his cat Mrs. Norris out of a secret wish that he himself was Chuck Norris?

It also reminded us that not only is Akira Ishida♥ in the Japanese dub of that movie (as Tom Riddle), but Mamoru Miyano♥ is Percy. We really need to see the Japanese dub!

And then we got to come home early because some people in the ward were doing stuff and Celeste wanted to join them. Us? We prefer to be home, not that anybody asked us. But I am a little ticked at Celeste for making me feel sorry for Steve. I shouldn't have to side with Steve on anything! (He made little Easter baskets for the three of us and Sarah, and Celeste was not very polite about saying she didn't want any of the candy in it. I may not like Steve, but I can appreciate when someone has put forth effort to do something nice.) And so now we're going to go play Atelier Elie and hopefully stop wanting to hit things.

Today I'm thankful for Easter and all the reasons we celebrate it, getting home with enough time for plenty of Atelier Elie, the Crayon Kingdom, Easter candy, and today not being as boring as we'd dreaded.
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