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Time for the weekly (almost) Gundam Seed Destiny report!

Now, when we were watching the first Gundam Seed, then we started watching it late, so most of the episodes had aired a while before we saw them. But at the time we watched them, they seemed to be reflecting exactly what was going on in Iraq at that time. We're like, "But this episode aired three months ago! Scary..."

If that trend continues, I think we might be in trouble. Of course, it might be very difficult for anyone to do what was done in Destiny, so I could be worried about nothing. I mean, dude, it's a fictional series.

I stand corrected about Stellar. Poor Kuwashima-san. Three main Gundam Seed characters, all dead. She even said in one of the commentaries that she really didn't want to die this time. Shinn's burial ceremony was very Final Fantasy VII. Only this time, the girl was the crazy one.

I'm happy to get confirmation that Mwu is alive. Although now I'm like, "He might be a clone, you know." But he is the man that makes the impossible possible, so it's gotta be him. And that line he gave Marrue when he woke up was so very Mwu, aside from the not remembering Marrue bit.

Still, we were sure that Stellar wouldn't die. She was the girl in the opening sequence that was naked with the main guy. I guess if you're not a coordinator, and you're piloting a mobile suit, you're just doomed. Unless you're Cagalli, but she's got that seed thing. And Lunamaria's getting a little bit too close to Athrun, so there's no telling. But then, being a coordinator doesn't mean you won't die. Maybe Nicol's death allowed Cagalli to live. Or something.

Wow, that's morbid. But we noticed that a lot of the Gundam Seed actors are always speculating on how you can tell who's going to die and who's not. It was really funny in one of the commentaries. Kotono Mitsuishi (Marrue) and Houko Kuwashima (Fllay, Natarle, Stellar) were being sad about Nicol's death, and they were reminiscing about when they first saw that episode, and he started telling Athrun about his dreams and stuff, and they're both like, "No! Stop talking!" because they knew it meant certain death.

Well, that's all for now. And Kira's still the bestest.
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