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Today was the day...

Today was the day we watched Hayate the Combat Butler. How can you not want to watch an anime called "Hayate the Combat Butler"? So we watched the first episode, and it did not disappoint. Definitely looking forward to more of this one. Okay, so there was one disappointment. The main guy is played by a girl (we think it's the woman who played Tobi in Noein ~Mou Hitori no Kimi e~, but we'd have to check to be sure). We really wish they wouldn't do that.

This was discovered before the opening sequence, so we were anxious during the whole opening sequence for the obligatory shot of all the characters to see if there were any guys who would be played by guys, and it took forever. It was like it was taunting us--they show characters individually, and it would be like, "Girl, girl, old guy!? Darn it!!" and then it would cut back to the main characters. It did eventually show several candidates for characters that would satisfy our need for pretty male voices, so now all we have to do is wait for those characters to be introduced. It being based on a manga from Shonen Sunday, however, that could take months. But in the meantime, the show was entertaining enough that we weren't too bothered at the lack of biseinen characters.

Today was also the day we discovered that we have a movie making program on our computer. We really should pay more attention to all our computer's features. So now we want to make music videos! Why? It's the best way to advertise a series, of course. Now if only we actually listened to music. That would make it easier to find songs. So in the meantime, we're downloading all of FushigiBoshi no FutagoHime, because the icon of Bright we want to make would work so much better with him in his prince outfit than in his school uniform. Those two things connected in my head.

But we're now wondering if we can use the program to fansubs, and then we'll fansub The Series with the Long Title and spread joy and cuteness all over the world!

Or not. But it is a fun series.

Speaking of FutagoHime! we went to the website of the agency that Kakihara-kun works for and found out that one of his hobbies/special skills is social dance! That's so fitting for Bright!♥

Today is also the day we beat HaruToki 2 for the first time. Depressingly, but not surprisingly, we got the all-by-yourself ending. That's what we get for not playing favorites, alas.

Today I'm thankful for finding new software on our computer, Hayate the Combat Butler, somebody actually seeding this ginormous FutagoHime batch file, 81 Produce having voice samples at their site (if anyone wants to hear the voice of Cloud Strife talking like a soccer announcer, go here and click the voice sample icon. He's not nearly as excited as the stereotypical soccer announcers, but it's still fun), and omakes.
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