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Writing fanletters is way more stressful for us than I think it should be. Maybe it's because this one is a little more involved than just talking. See, we finally got around to writing that fan letter to Kazuya Minekura, but now we have to print out the pictures we want to send. This reminds us how much we don't like to look at pictures of ourselves. It also has me looking at them and thinking, "Now, we said it's Goku & Hakkai at Disneyland, but it's really just us at Disneyland in Goku & Hakkai costumes, and not all of these pictures are very Goku & Hakkai-esque." Not that it really matters. It's that darn perfectionism.

Anyway, we were thinking that in honor of it being Goku's birthday yesterday, we could translate a bit of the Saiyuki fanbook for everyone's enjoyment, but it looks like people are really busy with finals and stuff and might not have time to check their friends lists. In that case, nobody'd even know it was there! And then they wouldn't get to enjoy it. So maybe we'll save it for later, since right now we're too busy being anxious about this fanletter to feel much like translating. (As I'm typing this entry, we're encouraging ourselves. It's making it take a lot longer to post.)

On a different note entirely, there's a new anime by Gainax out where Tetsuya Kakihara♥ is the main character! Whee! And we guessed it was him and everything! He's our current seiyuu crush, since we just watched the end of Fushigi thingie thing and we found out that he was born in Germany. Apparently (in Wikiality), he not only speaks Japanese, but also English, German, Spanish, and Latin. And he's actually the reason we've gotten our act together about fan letters. Well, part of it, anyway. He's also eight months younger than we are, adding him to the growing list of favorite voice actors we call -kun. There's three now! (Unless you count Miyamoto-kun, but he's actually a singer and has only been in two things (as far as we know), and one was only a cameo.) We're not sure how we feel about that, but eight months is much better than six years. Now I'm starting to feel old.

I want to write something brilliantly funny or insightful, but I don't think that's going to happen. Or I could write something inciteful, and start a crazy fad movement or something. But that's probably not going to happen either.

I should just stop talking now.

Today I'm thankful for parentheses, homophones, having cookies for Goku's birthday, times when the TV Guide website is more informative than just saying Nick will be showing Nicktoons all night (we know there are more Danny Phantom episodes out there...), and shiny video games to help us feel better after we freak out over nothing.
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