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William Joyce took our idea!

We were going to write a book and have Disney make a movie out of it! But that's okay. Just because he beat us to it doesn't mean we can't do it, too.

We finally got to see Meet the Robinsons last night. (It's been out a whole 6 days!) We actually enjoyed it a lot more than we thought we would. Yes, it's true. We go to movies to see them, not necessarily to enjoy them. We have a fair amount of loyalty to Disney, after all, and there's good reason for that, so we knew their movies had to start getting better again eventually. And it looks like eventually is now! Yay! Or at least "for now." But with John Lasseter on the team, things are looking up.

So anyway, the main theme of the movie is to "keep moving forward," and so they did an awesome thing where they show an old Mickey Mouse short cartoon from 1938 (The Boat Builders), which we're guessing is their way of showing how far forward they've moved. It's all very cool. And the movie's music is done by Danny Elfman! It was when we saw that name in the end credits that we realized how incredibly clueless we were about who all they got to work on this movie. And after all our Fairly OddParents viewing, we were disappointed in our inability to recognize Adam West's voice. Ah well. Cornelius looked like someone from Pixar. We're thinking Andrew Stanton, but we'd have to pull out our Bug's Life extras DVD to be sure.

Our prediction for the movie was that the jokes would be a little over the top, but it would still make us cry. As it turned out, in context, the jokes worked a lot better, and it did make us cry. We thought it was really good--definitely worth seeing!

In other news, we finally have AX registration! Yay! So now we just need to figure out lodging. And we ought to get some new business cards, since we have a fancy new business name. Anybody wanna help us design a graphic?

Also, there's going to be a Romeo and Juliet anime, which we're pretty excited about seeing, even though we think most of the characters in Romeo and Juliet are dumb. But! Tetsuya Kakihara♥ plays Mercutio! And Mercutio was always our favorite, except in the movies where they make him like a drug addict. His whole spiel about Queen Mab? And Romeo's always like, "Calm down! It's nothing to go crazy about! It's okay!" We're like, "Dude, he was obviously just going on a stupid spiel, being the self-proclaimed comedian that he is, and Romeo was just telling him to shut up." Or at least that's how we interpret it. So we're very interested in seeing how they do that in the anime, assuming they even use that bit. Unless the series is only six episodes, they'll have to make it a lot different to fill up time.

Also also, today we read a voice actor interview with the Sanzo Ikkou voice actors about the comedy CD drama that came out recently. I just wanted to quote Akira Ishida, because his message to the fans at the end was to buy the CD drama, because if people didn't buy it, they might decide that Saiyuki is losing popularity and even if they do make the third episode in the new OVA (the one about Hakkai and Gojyo), no one'll buy it, so there's no point in making it. So they won't make it and then he won't get to be in it and that would be very sad, so please buy the CD. Now it looks like we have no choice! But we'll wait until the first episode of the OVA comes out, to save on shipping.

Speaking of Saiyuki, today is Goku's birthday! Da-dah! Which also means it's the second anniversary of when we started our LiveJournal! Da-dah!! Happy birthday Goku and double_dear!!!

Today I'm thankful for getting to see Meet the Robinsons, for enjoying Meet the Robinsons, fun Saiyuki voice actor interviews, identity theft protection, and bowler hat.
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