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Gunparade March!

Trying to think of something to talk about other than the roommate issues, and failing. That's the problem with Mondays--not a whole lot has happened since the dinner thing yesterday. But we did listen to our shiny new Yoko Ishida CD, which has the theme song to Gunparade March on it, so that has us very excited about our new DVD order, which hasn't been shipped yet. We really ought to watch some of the DVDs that have already arrived.

We added Gunparade March to our interests on our LJ profile, then went to see if there were any communities with the same interest so that we could maybe get some shiny icons, but alas, it was not meant to be. Either that, or we just give up too easily. At any rate, it would seem that Gunparade March has a very small following, and I like to think that's because it's not very well known rather than that it's not very good, because how can something that makes us so happy be not good? So I guess we'll just have to make our own icons, which means we'll have to change the region on our computer to region 1 so we can get screen captures. We do have the PS3, so we'd still be able to watch region 2 DVDs, but... We'll see. We'd probably want a capture card anyway.

Tonight will be our first FHE without DSes since we got DSes. Well, we might bring them, but we won't be playing them while we wait for things to start up. The bishop said we should stop doing that because it makes people afraid to approach us. We thought people were afraid to approach us anyway, but we figure we might as well make it easier on people. It kind of reminds me of the Gundam Seed commentary (I'm sure I mentioned it before a loooooong time ago) where Soichiro Hoshi tells Akira Ishida that a lot of people tell him they wish they could talk to Ishida-san, but he's just so hard to approach, and he assures them that Ishida-san isn't scary and they can talk to him, so Ishida-san said he'll just have to be more scary and Hoshi-san's like, "No! No no no! That's not what I meant! Aaahhh!" It was very cute♥

At the very least, hopefully we'll find someone who wants to go see Meet the Robinsons with us. (We figure that since Celeste suggested we walk to a nearby theater (things seem much closer when you have a car--the theater in question isn't really in walking distance, unless you're in the mood for a long walk), she's not really interested.)

Today I'm thankful for getting to listen to our shiny new CD, nice relaxing manga to translate, Gundam Seed voice actor commentaries, being able to look forward to watching Gunparade March again, and not failing the Academy's contest in Atelier Elie.
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