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Virtual dating

Not only is Rightstuf having a Bandai sale, but the Gunparade March complete collection is on special this week. It's getting very hard not to make another order, especially since our Geneon order came today, including the Yoko Ishida: All of Me CD, which has the theme to Gunparade March on it. *sigh*

The problem I'm noticing with love sims is that, unlike most video games and anime where we can imagine that everybody is our best friend, in love sims, they let you know when somebody doesn't like you. Yes, we really should get out more, but I'm not seeing that changing our distress over that date with Yasutsugu going absolutely horrendously. The difference is in real life, we're likely to say, "Well if they don't like me, I don't like them!" while in a video game, we're likely to say, "Oh no! They can't not like me! We have to fix it!!" It really should be the other way around. Maybe playing love sims will have a positive effect.

And so we were anxious to get all our work done today and repair the relationship. Fortunately, we didn't have much to do, so we took about an hour and a half and still felt quite productive. We even got our new lease signed! And paid the rent! Two days early!!!

Going back to HaruToki, Motomi is way melodramatic, and I think it would be fun to have an icon of him in distressed mode. He's actually a bit Ritsu-esque. But only a bit.

Today Meet the Robinsons is out in theaters, but alas, we don't get to see it until later. There's something about that dark-haired kid in the trailers. He reminds us of somebody, but we can't figure out who. Not that seeing the movie will help us figure that out, but we still want to see it. Speaking of Disney movies, Larry Wilmore had a funny bit on the Daily Show last night about The Frog Princess.

Today I'm thankful for getting another shiny package, things with Yasutsugu being better, having plenty of time for video games today, getting to practice reading lines in Japanese, and cute kitties on the bed.
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