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Just as we predicted, Rightstuf is now having a Bandai sale. To fill our Gundam Seed box, or not to fill our Gundam Seed box... And then there's the Gundam Seed movies! Not to mention Gundam Seed Destiny, but we think we need to ignore that for now.

So, contrary to everyone's advice, we went to Scott's Little League game yesterday. This is because score-keeping didn't get brought up on Tuesday when they all came to get the furniture, and we wanted to talk to Steve about our Fruits Basket arrangement, because Mom seems to actually realize that she's taking a huge chunk of time, which is really all we need.

But we were still not too happy with the idea of actually keeping score, so, since it was cold, I suggested Athena and I stay in the car with our DSes until later on, and then Athena could copy the score from whichever book Mom was keeping score in into the other one. Mom kind of laughed the suggestion off, but when we got there, I said I was serious, and she said she knew, so she went to keep score by herself. We waited for a while, expecting someone to come try to convince us to go actually keep score, but nobody came, so we played video games for about an hour and then went to join Mom.

As it turned out, she decided that, since there was a backup plan, now would be a good chance to test her ability to keep score in both the team book and the official book at once, and she found out that it is, in fact, possible. So on the way back to the car, I said, "So we're off the hook now?" And she said, "No." And I thought, "Gwah?" but I said, "Why?" and she ignored it a few times, then asked, "Didn't you have fun spending time with me?"

As far as we're concerned, we're not keeping score anymore, but we're not convinced that Steve's convinced. We still think he has some twisted scheme to get us to like sports. He's even said before that in his opinion there are two kinds of people--people who like sports, and people who don't like sports yet. When is he going to learn that forcing anything on anyone will only cause them to hate it more? So as a precaution, we'll be carrying around Fruits Basket volume 1 with us whenever we meet up with these people. We'll probably be seeing them this weekend.

Today I'm thankful for the big tall fence that protects the people sitting behind it from fowl balls that go backwards, the guy who gave us lemon meringue cookies yesterday, now having a complete set of Princess Tutu DVDs, eardrums, and conjunctions.
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