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Give me back my Sunday!!!

Okay, again, I'm just being whiny. Since we finally beat Kingdom Hearts II on proud mode last week, we were hoping to have today to play Atelier Elie again, and try for a better ending, since the one we got the first time didn't have any pretty pictures, so we figure it was the Bad one. But instead we ended up going to Mom's place for dinner and socializing, if that counts as socializing.

Overall it was pretty nice, I guess. We played "Would you rather..." (which Athena won by accident, because Steve didn't want to get on our bad side (little did he know it was too late for that)) and Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture, which we all pretty much sucked at except for Steve (kuyashii!).

But of course score-keeping got brought up. I told myself I wouldn't whine about it anymore, but they make it so hard not to. They were the ones who brought it up, actually, asking if we were going to do it on Wednesday. As it just so happens that Athena's visiting teaching companion came to her at church today and said she'd made an appointment with one of their visiting taught for Wednesday. I wanted to laugh at that point, but then I remembered we'd made the score-keeping plans first. Athena told her companion what's going on, so she'll call at some point, and maybe she'll go without Athena.

We told Mom and Steve that Athena had visiting teaching appointments and they seemed completely unphased. Then I asked how the hunt for a new scorekeeper was going. Steve said something like, "I like it when you do it." And I said, "Yeah, well, that doesn't answer my question." And he said he hadn't started looking. As we talked about it more, he told us that he's not even going to look for someone else until we fail to show up at a game, because even if we tell them no ahead of time, he's going to believe in us until that last minute. Now, I like the idea of turning the other cheek and all that stuff, but man! What is this guy on!?

So Athena's thinking she'll go visiting teaching on Wednesday. The problem is, after everything Steve said to try to convince us we should do it, we want to do it even less, but on the other hand, we like the idea of being the better people and doing the right thing even for this guy who's a complete and utter stupid jerkface. But then I feel like if we do go keep score, he'll think it was all thanks to his brilliant persuasive skills.

As it so happens, we ran into the bishop today after church while we were looking for Celeste, and we were stressed because of the score-keeping thing and because of typical roommate stuff, so when he asked how we were doing, we said stressed, and he asked if we wanted to go into his office for a bit. So we talked and he said there's nothing wrong with putting our foot down and saying no. Still, even after he said it, and all you people said it, I'm still like, "But..." Especially because in testimony meeting, one guy told about how his grandmother gave him an extra ten dollars for helping her and then was blessed with $500.

It's too bad we don't have ice cream.

Today I'm thankful for finally being home, an awesome testimony meeting, Disney's Cinderella, chocolate oatmeal cookies, and getting to play HaruToki2 yesterday, even though the game may be on hold until after we do some more stuff in Twilight Princess, which I'm also very thankful to be able to play.
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