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Our mother has a special talent for twisting logic. Actually, I think it's a pretty common talent these days. I'm also still trying to sort things out enough to figure out whether or not the logic was actually twisted.

See, it's this score-keeping thing. As I have mentioned, they asked us to do it, we said we'd think about it, trying to give the impression that we didn't want to. They asked us again later and we said we still don't want to but we'd think about it. The second asking came with the information that the seminar thing to teach people how to keep score was coming up. It came and went, so we figured they'd gotten someone else, especially since they never mentioned it again. Until Sunday when they said okay we'll see you on Wednesday.

Yesterday was pretty rainy, so we thought we might be off the hook again, but while today is cloudy, it's not so much with the rainy (yet? *hope hope hope*). So Mom just called. I always have a hard time remembering these conversations with Mom, because my brain shuts off. I do remember saying that we're not sure how we feel about being taken advantage of like this. She says we get dinner out of it, how are they taking advantage of us? At some point I said it's like if we asked her to help us out by quality checking a classical music CD for us, to which she responded that in that case we must really need her help. So I said, "You need us that badly?" and she said yes.

I'm not sure where the conversation got sticky. It probably had something to do with her asking again if we'd do it and my long pause. Because we really don't want to do it. I told her sometimes we feel like the only reason people acknowledge our existence is that we're handy to have around. She said (at the risk of making us mad, she added) that she thinks we're giving ourselves too much credit. Maybe we are, but we did give up our Friday night to babysit Steve's kids for nothing but pizza and traumatize Mimsy on Sunday for them. She also said that when she's in a relationship, be it with her daughters, or her husband, or her sisters, or even her friends, she has to do things she doesn't enjoy, and if we insist on only doing things we enjoy, she hopes we enjoy the loneliness it brings us. And all I could do was sit there and take it.

She also said that if we don't want to do it to just say so because she doesn't need us, which is a direct contradiction to what she had said earlier, and why we have reason to believe she was just pulling things out of the air to make her case. The problem is she does it so fast, I get caught up in the whirlwind and can't think straight.

So in answer to your question (no one's asking), we are keeping score today. Why? Because we're saps, that's why. Her bottom line seems to be she's begging, and she's giving us dinner. How is that taking advantage? And because this is Mom, I don't know the answer. It's like she's Akito and we're members of the Juunishi sometimes, really. But it's true that Celeste gave us a PS3, but Mom still says she's taking advantage of us by not paying rent. At least we wanted the PS3.

Today I'm thankful for the fact that there's still a chance of rain, still having time to finish work on Fruits Basket, happy video game music, the CD Jonathan burned for us before he went on his mission, and the ability to cry.
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