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Transporting our cats is one of the most heartbreaking things we can do. The last time we had to take a cat somewhere, we had to take Oreo to the vet, so it was a little worse than this time, but it was so hard that Mimsy didn't seem comforted by anything. Getting her into the cat carrier was easy enough--apparently she was having a difficult time waking up when Athena grabbed her. Oreo was very thoroughly wrapped up in blankets, so we decided to leave him home, even though it didn't seem fair that when we took Oreo somewhere, it was a place that poked and prodded him and did all sorts of tests and made him take pills, while when we took Mimsy somewhere, it was a nice house where people bugged her for a minute and then pretty much left her alone, except to pet the kitty a few times and give her some of the hamburger Mom had browned for dinner.

Anyway, we were almost to Celeste's car when Mimsy realized what was going on, and then she started giving off the most heartrending meow at regular intervals of about two seconds. On the one hand, we weren't scared ourselves this time, but on the other, Mimsy is more creative with her voice than Oreo, so it was so sad listening to her. After a while, though, her heart wasn't quite in it anymore, so it wasn't so bad.

She was pretty freaked when we got there, but after Mom finished holding her hostage while she made Scott pet her and then shoved her into his face, she was able to hide in the corner until she felt a little more comfortable, and after we fed her she explored the house until she made herself comfortable on Scott's bed, where we left her until we finished watching Zoom, which wouldn't have been nearly so annoying if we hadn't started it five minutes before the Japanese drama we like to watch every week. We mentioned it was on and said it would be awesome if we could tape it while we watched the DVD, Celeste said why don't we watch our show while everybody else socializes, and Steve turned on the DVD. I'm not sure how that makes sense, but it's what happened, and it was even more maddening that 1)the movie wasn't very good (had a lot of potential, though), and 2)as soon as it was over, Steve changed the channel to AZN. Argh!! We wouldn't have wanted to watch it with him watching, too, anyway, and he's the only other person who would have understood it. Maybe we can find and download the file.

So last night went pretty well, except for the bit where Mom reminded us that today is the first game we'll be keeping score at, whee. This was surprising, because they didn't call and ask us to go to the scorekeeping seminar thingie. So we're like, "What? We didn't say we'd do it..." and they're like, "You didn't say you wouldn't!" and I'm like, "Fair enough, but we have stuff to do. Like work." and they're like, "That's okay, it's after five." (Though for some reason I get the feeling Mom's picking us up at four on Wednesday? I should have paid more attention.) We got out of it today because of Family Home Evening, but argh! As if our schedule wasn't full enough with stuff we want to do! Seriously, like every waking minute is scheduled. Sort of. (By the time we get to around six o'clock, the rest of the evening is "video games," but that's still scheduled, right?)

And Mom is the one who keeps complaining about Celeste taking advantage of us. She's just lucky we're such saps.

But on a much happier note, we beat Kingdom Hearts II again last night! So now I can write a review of the ending, but right now I'm feeling a little rushed, and, as previously mentioned, we have stuff to do. And Fruits Basket is taking a long time because of Ayame, the punk.

Today I'm thankful for helpful tips that might save us lots and lots of time which we apparently need more of now, both of our cats being home safe and sound even after the front door was blown open again today (it's always scary when we never find out about it until we go out to the living room to discover one of the cats outside), getting that last Gummi, Mimsy not hating us (though Oreo seems to be in hiding, just in case), and leftover hamburger biscuits.
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