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Oreo is now hiding under the covers. We're not sure if this is because he suspects our treachery (we did tell him, after all) or if it's because Celeste collapsed asleep on the living room floor is freaking him out. I know it's freaking me out. She's not unwell or anything--just hungry, I think. We offered her food and she said it was okay, so I have no idea what's going on with her, and that's really what's freaking us out.

I tend to freak out when I don't know what's going on. Like how we have no idea what time Mom's expecting us over tonight. Or if Mom's even home from church yet. The new house is in the ward that meets at nine, but they used to be in the ward that meets at one, and we know that's the ward Sarah was attending today, because she came and said hi to us while we were in the library at two. So it's all very confusing and annoying. I don't generally have a problem with spontaneity, but this is ostensibly something that was planned.

But on a happier note, yesterday we used the new ATM machines at our bank for the first time! They were so shiny and futuristic, I felt like we were in Tomorrowland. And then we went to Best Buy where we found out that our Best Buy doesn't carry Princess Tutu anymore (lame), so we're going to have to order it online (more online orders! augh!), which we would have done by now except that we told the girl we talked to at FHE on Monday that we would let her know next time we ordered something online so she could get a hold of some of the awesome anime stuff you can't really get in Fresno. I'm also really into writing long sentences today.

But! we got Final Fantasy III (for some reason these days I've had the hardest time not typing Final Fantazy (with a Z); is it because of the ten-tens?) and Mario Hoops for DS! Now we have something to play on the train ride to Disneyland! Speaking of Disneyland, we discovered today that industry registration for AX has been up for a month. How did we miss that? And for a whole month!? We have failed. Sad.

What was I talking about? Oh yeah, Best Buy. While we were there, we stopped over at Geek Squad headquarters to see if they could retrieve the file that we need. He said as long as it's not a harddrive problem that caused our computer to die, they can back up all our files for $99. What I heard was they can back up up to 9G, but for $99 I'm hoping he really said 90, because if I had a 40G harddrive and you back up 9G and the ONE FILE we're looking for isn't in those 9G, that would suck. Though I guess they'd be able to back up specific G? I don't know. But then Celeste told us that just about everyone she hangs out with ends up being a computer geek, so she can probably find someone who can get that file. Now the question is whether or not she'll remember we need her to.

Speaking of Celeste, she seems to be operating under the theory that she won't get to play Twilight Princess until we're done with it. This probably comes from all her DS exchanges with Mom and Sarah, because when exchanging DS games, you want to finish the game before loaning it to someone else, especially if they don't live in the same place as you, because you never know when you'll see it again. This doesn't quite apply when playing the GameCube game of someone in whose house you're living, but since it means Celeste wants us to play, we can play without worrying about fighting over the TV or anything, so we're cool with it. The only problem is we're expecting HaruToki2 any day next week, which will make things all sorts of complicated. I'm sure we'll work out a system, though.

Anyway, I think I'm all babbled out for now. Today I'm thankful for the Priesthood not eating all the donuts at their meeting this morning so we got to have them in Relief Society, anyone who was kind enough to read this entire entry and all my other long rambly ones (I'm sorry if they're boring!), kitty adventures, shiny new DS games, and Nestle's peanut butter lover's cookies.
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