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I can't think of a good subject again

We had not been playing Twilight Princess for ten minutes when Steve called and asked if we wanted to join them for dinner and watching Sarah's winter guard competitiony thing. We were very hesitant to turn of the game, but we figured it's better to go out sometimes than to stay in, and of course it's good to support your little sister, so we went. It was pretty nice hanging out with people, but we are sad we didn't get to play Twilight Princess.

While we were waiting for people (Celeste was joining us after work and Steve had to pick up his kids), we had Mom figure out how much we owe in taxes, and we found out that we do in fact have enough to go to Disneyland! We could even stay in the Disneyland Hotel if we want, but we're thinking there's still too much splurging in our future for that to be a good idea. Now we just have to figure out when we want to go!

Also, Mom told us that they were thinking of getting a cat, but word is that Scott's allergic. Of course, every time we asked Scott if he was allergic to cats, he said, "Not really." But I guess Mom really wants a cat, so she wants to test his allergy level. This is where the potentially evil plot comes in. She wants us to bring Mimsy (because she's the braver of our cats) to her place tomorrow to expose Scott to a cat and see what happens. We're really not sure how Mimsy will like this plan, but it'll be kind of fun for us. Chances are she'll just find a place to hide until she gets bored and wants attention.

We're thinking of bringing Oreo, too, since he's the one that seems to always wonder where everyone went when we've been gone for a while, so we don't know if it might worry him too much if we left him all alone without even Mimsy to keep him company. On the other hand, it might get Mimsy to hide longer, and he would probably despise being relocated. When we stayed the night at Steve's place the night before we moved in here, Oreo hid in his carrier the whole time, and Mimsy left her carrier and joined Oreo in his. So cute! But they might be more okay with it if they were allowed to leave the bathroom (they weren't last time; Steve is an insufferable neat freak) and hide under beds. And there will be dinner with meat, so Mimsy at least would probably come out for that.

So tomorrow should be an adventure. We finally beat the evil that is the Hades Cup in Kingdom Hearts II, so now all we have to do is get that one last gummi from the giant wheel in the level 3 mission at Broken Highway, and then we'll have 100% with everything and can beat the game, but we might not have time for that tomorrow. We'll just have to see.

Today I'm thankful for Baskin Robbins ice cream, cat carriers, getting new contracts in the mail, having time to play Twilight Princess today, and being able to record what's on TV while playing video games.
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