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Our package came from the Disney Movie Club today, so we know what we're going to be doing this weekend! Playing Twilight Princess, of course!!

Last night Celeste made her desire to play Twilight Princess known, so now we have to make sure she won't catch up to us if we let her play a lot in the near future, because we're selfish like that. She would be nice enough not to pass us--she has too many friends that play video games to be able to oppose that rule--but we think it would be better for all involved if we made that less of a possibility.

We're a little worried that she'll then have the TV, which we would want for all our other video games and most of our DVDs, since we're still reluctant to switch our computer to Region 1. Plus, our computer chairs aren't nearly as comfortable as the couch. But on the bright side, we could potentially use that as leverage to get her to take us to Best Buy, so we can get some DS games (to play while she's got control of the TV) and our missing volumes of Princess Tutu, as it seems we may need to find them fast.

Rightstuf's having a sale on Geneon DVDs, so now we're seriously tempted to fill up our Saiyuki Reload box (we had to stop at volume 3! *sob*). We should probably see if we can find out how much we owe in taxes first. Fortunately, we convinced Mom to wait until this week to steal our furniture away, so now we know we'll get a chance to talk to her. And on that note, it's time for us to move all our stuff in Celeste's room out of harm's way.

Today I'm thankful for the arrival of shiny packages, people catching themselves before giving spoilers, Danny Phantom being back today after having been usurped by El Tigre yesterday, being in possession of Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, and having leverage.
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